2016 Nest Assignments

Avondale Female Returns

Avondale Female Returns ??- Jennifer France

Hi Osprey Monitor!

Many thanks to all of you who attended??our orientation sessions. ?? Between the three sessions we saw over 140 folks! ?? ??That is a great turn-out in support of the program and these magnificent birds. Thank you so much for your patience!

TO FIND YOUR NEST ASSIGNMENT(S)??for the 2016 season, (1) please find the Osprey Links section on the right side of this page. ?? (2) Then find the link titled 2016 Osprey Nest Assignments ??and click on the link. ??(3) When the document has opened, please review the two ??columns labeled Monitor Name A and Monitor Name B for your last name. ??(Please note that while the Monitor Name A column is in alphabetical order, the Monitor Name B column is not.) ?? Be sure to copy down the town name, nest name, and type of nest site you are looking for!

LOCATING??YOUR NEST SITE: The first step is to use the maplet on the home page of this site. ??Be sure to maximize the size of the map to full page, then zoom in and out. ?? If, after looking at the map, you are still unsure of the location, please send me an email and I will respond with directions.

WANT TO COVER AN ADDITIONAL NEST? ??Most??nests that do not have two assigned monitors could use an additional monitor. ??In some cases only one monitor is allowed at the site. ??If you are interested in picking up a site that needs a monitor, please email me the particulars!

QUESTIONS: ??I know that many of you will have questions, want to change??your nest location or even take on an additional location. ??And some of you will identify a mistake or two that I have made….. ??Please??send me an email with your questions so that I may have time to review your question and respond accordingly!

Thank you all very much, and I look forward to hearing from you!!

Cheers – Jon


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