2022 Osprey Monitor Nest List !

Warwick, May 2019 Photo by Claire G.

Hello Monitors!

Thank you all SO much for your patience.   Following is a link to the  2022 Osprey Monitor Nest List.   Please click on the link and take a look.     I will also post a link in the Informational Resources section of the website.


Please bear in mind the following:

  1. This list is NOT complete.  I am waiting on input and confirmation from several folks.  And as you will see, several nests do not have monitors.
  2. In a addition, I am sure that there are some initial errors and omissions.  Fortunately it is fairly easy to fix these listings.
  3. If you are not listed, or there is a problem, please contact me via email at rhodeislandosprey@gmail.com with the corrections.
  4. Likewise if you want to change nests or take on additional nests 🙂

I have just added several nests to both the map and the submit data site.  Please take a look and email me with any corrections or additions.

Thank you again – the program could not exist without your participation!

Best regards,





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