Allin’s Cove: Broken Nest Pole Bringing Folks Together

The beginning of the story is sad – Dave Winsor (long time monitor and videographer) from Allin’s Cove worriedly reported that the bountiful nest (regularly producing four fledglings) had been downed in the storm’s microburst that blew through the area on August 4th. I also received notes from Norman Norris and Sandra Wyatt expressing concern and willingness to help repair/replace the pole and nest.

The middle of story gets better: Several of us, including the above as well as Butch Lombardi, Tracy Silvia, Scott Ruhren and others communicate goals and plans and identify unknowns, permitting requirements, etc… as efficiently as any professional project management team! It is left that Butch, who has experience in repairing and installing nests, will meet with the “principals” and discuss options for repairing the nest pole. Meantime Dave reports that 1 adult and 2 juveniles have returned to the area, leaving 1A and 1J MIA. Importantly, it appears that the juveniles are starting to feed themselves.

The end of the story is yet to be written – so stay tuned! Please contact me if you would like to help out in any way. Following are some images provided by Dave Winsor. Be sure to sign up for his feed on YouTube – it is sensational!

Photos of the nest are below: The nest during hurricane Irene; Kristen Fletcher of Wildlife Recovery at the nest a while back before the storm; damage after the storm and adult bringing food to the juveniles post storm.







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