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Thank you to everyone who took the time to tell me that this site was down.  We encountered a couple of glitches, but everything should be working now!

As in previous years, I will be hosting orientation/training sessions on the next three Sundays (March 5, 12 and 19th) from 2:00-4:00.  Please refer to the previous post for details and locations.

Following the orientation sessions I will be assigning nests.  I hope to have most of this process completed by April 1st… or so!.  If you are a returning monitor (THANK YOU!) please take a second to send me an email telling me which nests you plan on monitoring in the 2017 season.

Reminder – Please remember that your observation data should be posted on the website within two weeks of your observation.  I collate the data each month and it is very helpful to have all the date in the system and not have to go back and recalculate all the figures.   Thank you for your help with this.

Data – Please keep copies (hard or electronic) of your observations on hand for a full year after the observations were made.  You no longer need to send your raw data to me.  Just keep it safe in case of a problem.

Milestones: Like last year, please try your best to document any milestones occurring at your nest.  Milestones include the following, and are in addition to your regular observations:

Initial status of your assigned nest(s)

Date the adults first arrive/are first seen by you

Date of copulation if seen

Date incubation starts

Date each chick is first seen

Date of first fledging

Date the adults begin migration

Date juveniles begin migration

On behalf of everyone at Audubon, thank you very much for your dedication throughout the summer!


Jon Scoones






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