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  1. Mike Gerhardt says:

    Would you please let me know when the 2014 Osprey Report will be published? Those of us who made numerous reports would like to know what the year looked like.

    • Jon Scoones at Audubon says:

      Mike, The 2014 Osprey Report has just been published and released. Did you receive the link that I recently sent out?

      Also, are you planning to attend any of the training sessions I mentioned in my email of last week?

      All the best, Jon

  2. Nancy Blanchard says:

    Hello…do you limit your research to RI? I live on Cape and monitor several osprey nest in Barnstable, Dennis and Yarmouth and provide info to Cornell university via osprey watch. I own property in tiverton and visit there often and have attended some of your activities. Love being an observer and if you are interested in these nest, I would take the osprey training you provide. Nancy Blanchard

    • Jon Scoones at Audubon says:

      Thank you for reaching out to Audubon! Sounds like you are quite involved in the Osprey world – good for you! Our monitoring program is indeed limited to Rhode Island. It started back in 1977 as a state DEM project, and now Audubon RI owns it, but the data is all related to Rhode Island. That said, I know that folks in the Mass. Audubon have contacted be about revitalizing their monitoring program – so you may want to give them a call. You are, of course, welcome to attend one of our orientation sessions! Cheers, Jon

  3. Diane Franford says:

    Wanted to inform you that the platform at Billington Cove So Kingston is down.
    I noticed about six beautiful Ospreys up in the nearby trees.
    One osprey in particular was sitting on top of the fallen roost crying.
    Is there something that can be done to help them?
    Do you have a contact that would be able to advise me?
    I am at that location almost every weekend.
    Thanks for your help, I appreciate your attention.
    Warm Regards,

    • Diane,
      Thank you for the information – so sad… Hopefully they will stay in the area and establish nests in nearby tress. Must be some great fishing to attract 6 Osprey! Do you know of anyone who would want to erect a new nest? JS

  4. Debbi Miceli says:

    Hi, I eagerly await my summer neighbors whose summer nest is on a tower located on RPE property in Wood River Jct. I watch them out my kitchen window, building the nest, returning with fish or squirrels and tending babies. They like to perch on my roof and watch for chipmunks. I even had the baby perched on a branch outside my bedroom window last summer. If you ever need any info or pics of that nest, I am always watching their antics. Deb Miceli

  5. Laura Bittinger says:

    The pole had been put back up and I observed a nesting pair there today!

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