Data Review Time!

Eric and I will be reviewing all your hard-earned data this week and next with the goal of completing our??assessments by the end of next week. ??The final counts will be be compiled and Eric will place them into the 2014 Osprey Report – basically the State of the Osprey for Rhode Island. ??We will be looking through your data to see such data as the number of pairs, number of active nests, and number of fledglings.

Since we will begin our review tomorrow, it would be great to have any last sightings or information added to the database by noon tomorrow (Wednesday October 15th). ??Once the data has been compiled we will be sure to share it with all of you first!

On behalf of Eric and myself, thank you very much for all your dedication to the program this year! ??Obviously we could not monitor over 200 nests and gather reliable data to be used in this important citizen scientist program. ??We look forward to 2015 and will be contact you about nest assignments in February.


Jon & Eric


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