Duplicate Entries in Observation Data file

Hi Everyone! Just a head’s up about a potential issue you may encounter when entering your data. One of our monitors reached out to let us know that they were seeing duplicates of their submitted data in the Observation Data file. I took a look and noticed that there were duplicates on a number of dates from several other monitors as well.

It appears to be an issue with how some mobile phones are handling Google forms. Apparently when a user passes from their mobile internet to Wi-Fi, when they re-open their browser, it is sending their form response again. Google is aware of this and is working on it. There is a workaround for now. If you happen to notice that your entries are being duplicated as well, you can try this:

When you fill out the observation form and reach the end, where it says “Thank you” and there is a link to submit another response, click on that link (even if you don’t have another response to record right then). This should prevent your browser from re-sending your response again later.

I will keep an eye out for duplicates and delete if I find them. It isn’t really an issue for us, data-wise, but it does make the Observation Data file unnecessarily long, if the same entries are appearing more than once!

Thank you all so much!  -Jess

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