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Many thanks to Jean Whatley for the new Excel monitoring form – works like a champ! Follow the link in the Informational Resources section.


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  1. Jon or Krystyn, I sent jon photo’s the other day of Osprey, Thank you for posting them on your site I’m typing this again i hit wrong button just as I was about to send ! Any way I was at the nesting site just off the gallile Escape Rd in point Judith yesterday 3/30/17 from noon to 2:30 pm.just in time to watch 2 Osprey arrive on the nest and settle in, I could not see inside the nest, it was sunny bright day and very windy, I could hear young birds calling, however due to the wind I could not confirm if it was coming from their nest or the brush. Also with binoculars and camera lense I could see a second nest way over across from sand hill cove with two other osprey siting on that nest. At different times all four Osprey took turns fishing the tidal river. looks like they are all back to stay. I don’t often get to go visit, but I do take a ride occasionally to drive down to see how things look and take some photo’s. I cannot find any place on this form to attach photo’s, I took several yesterday thats to bad.I can try sending seperate email to jon with the new pictures. hope this info helps.

    • David,
      Thank you so much for relaying your wonderful expedition! Sounds like a wonderful day. As for a place to attache photos, we will work on that. Most folks just send them to me as an attachment – jscoones@asri.org. Keep ’em coming! JS

    • David,

      So glad you made the trip! And thanks for the wonderful update. I will look into a better way to submit photos via the site once our nests are all assigned!
      Best regards, Jon

  2. I’m not sure why there is two places to make a comment. I am not one of your monitor, but I look things over at those two nests at different times thru the summer.

  3. Jean Whatley says:

    Jon, you’re welcome for the form… again, I just kind of tweaked it a bit so I really can’t take credit for it, I found it on your site a year or two ago and don’t know who actually created it, but it is a great form to use! I take notes while observing and then transfer them onto the electronic form and on-line.

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