End of Year Notes

Greeting Osprey Monitors!

It is December 15th and me and a band of stalwart volunteers are working hard to compile and collate all of the observations you made throughout the summer. How many observations you ask?……. 2,715!! So we have quite a bit if data to review – Thank you very much for working so hard to capture all this wonderful information!!

If you are jonesing for some Osprey images, head over to YouTube to see Dave Winsor’s incredible footage. He has numerous videos, each one better than the last! Sadly the nest he monitors was destroyed in an August storm, but he and the locals are banding together to replace it. ??Here is a link showing the 2015 season of the nest he monitored… until the storm took it way.

Marnoch Dr_4.6.15_Brian P.

How you can help us for next year:
If you monitored a nest that really was not there and should be removed from the active monitoring list, please send me an email. Be sure to conclude the name of the nest and a brief description of why it should no longer be actively monitored. We keep all nest sites in the database, but it is good to know which sites are no longer receiving attention from Osprey.


Photo: Allin’s Cove Platform Post Storm. ??David Winsor

Osprey Monitor Training:
Training sessions will be held in March of 2016. Exact dates, locations and times will be sent to everyone. If you have some ideas as to what we should cover in the training, please send me a note.

Bit by the bug and want to monitor again in 2016?
In February I will send out a note asking if you will be interested in monitoring again in 2016. So please keep an eye out and be sure to respond!

There is a great story about the following??photo coming out in the next Audubon Report and the annual Osprey Monitoring Program report. ?? Keep your eyes peeled!



Photo: “Lizzie” by Butch Lombardi

From all of us at Audubon Society of Rhode Island, thank you very much for your hard work and dedication this summer, and happy holidays!

White Rock Road in Westerley by Sandra W.

White Rock Road in Westerley by Sandra W.

Jon Scoones
Director of Volunteer Services

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