IMPORTANT: This is the Time to Observe!

Photo by Silvia

Hi Monitors!

This is the time many of you have been waiting for: The chance to see fledglings take to the air and explore the area around their nests.   This is also the last chance for us to accurately count the number of fledglings from specific nests.  Once the fledglings start to explore beyond their nest territory they may visit other nearby nests.  When this happens we can no longer say for certain how many fledglings came from which nests.

So please be sure to visit the nests you have been monitoring today, tomorrow, as soon as possible!   Be conservative in your counts – make sure you know that the fledgling came from which specific nest.  If you cannot tell, then please make a note in your observation.

We are so very grateful for all your hard work and dedication since early Spring. This is the time when it is very important to make those observations.  IF you are unable to visit a nest, please reach out to us via or our Facebook page.

If you have extra time, check the NEst Activity Table for June and look at the list of “Unknown” nests.   There may be one or two you can check in on!

Thank you again,

Jon, Jess and Gary




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