July Observations






Hi everyone!

Thank you for what looks to have been a very busy July on everyone’s part!

We  just finished reviewing the observations for July and have updated the 2019 Nest Activity Table.  After we give it a final review a link to the table will be posted on both the www.riosprey.info website and in the riosprey facebook group.

A tentative summary for observations through JULY follows.  Please remember that these numbers are not cast in stone and that the numbers for AUGUST have not been included.

Historic Nests (HN): Those with no nest for the past 2+ years: 38

No Nest (NN) this year: 16  Some of these nests may become HN next year

Unknown (U) status: 87  This is a very high number and reflects a couple of trends – nests not being monitored (so no observations) and nests that may have been monitored but the observations have not been posted.

Not Active (NA)  Nests without any observed BREEDING activity: 48

Housekeeping (H)  Nests with truncated breeding activity: 3

Active (A) Nests in which breeding activity was observed: 108

  • Successful (S) Active nest that produced a fledgling(s): 105   This number is a subset of Active nests.
  • Estimated # of Fledglings through July: 187

The season is almost over!!  Please submit your data for August by the 7th of September.  Feel free to check out any “U” listed nests for any activity and or fledglings.

Thank you again!

Jon, Jessica and Gary

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