Late March Update

Hi everyone!

Thank you SO much for your patience as we start the season while switching to a new system.  Not our preference but we are muddling through!

So hats off to Jess for keeping the system afloat: responding to your queries, updating the system, posting information and much more.   Hats off to Gary as well for updating the map regarding nests and responding to questions as well.

As most of you know, the old system was 10 years old (in computer years that’s like dog years x 7) and in dire need of replacement.  In walked Jess who has been moving the system to Google Docs in an effort to make the system more sustainable.  The changes have also made the back-of-house management much easier (no one cares about back=-of house stuff ;-))and we are able to make most changes without going out-of-house.   Some of you may remember Eric, the original architect of the program… well he moved to Idaho a while back and is quite busy obtaining his PhD.  So Jess has stepped up as a volunteer and has been wonderful!

The team (Jess, Gary and I) will continue to read your suggestions and make changes to the observation form and other areas.  We have a few in the pipeline and just need more hours in the day!

Thank you again for your patience.

I hope to see you on the trails!








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