May Nest Activity Data

May Nest Activity Summary

I am pleased to report that we finally have the nest activity report for the month of May. I know the data will seem a bit outdated given all the fledglings capturing our attention! But when viewed in conjunction with previous, and following months, the data from May gives us a solid picture of the type of activity in each nest.

The hard work of all the monitors, Gary and Jess has resulted in the following figures.

· Total nests in database: 342

· Historic nests: 31

· No Nest Found: 27 (May be designated “Historic” next season)

· Active Nests: 180

· Not Active Nests: 26

· Unknown Nests: 78 (These have been highlighted in yellow. If you have the time, observations on these nests would be very helpful in determining the health of the Osprey population in RI (and parts of MA).

Thank you again for all of your hard work. The data in this list will be updated and presented again in early July, so be sure to enter your observations prior to July 7th. If you see any errors or omissions in the data please send a note to us at

See you on the trails,


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