Nest Assignment Table

Hi Monitors,

It appears that some of the “active, inactive” designations on the Nest Assignment Table are incorrect. ??I will be looking them over tomorrow and making repairs.

Please note that the designations have specific definitions, which are included below. ??These designations are based on observations from the end of the 2016 season. ??During the winter some changes may have occurred to the nest site in question.

Historic Nest Sites = A site that once had a nest but has not for more than three years. ??These sites are no longer actively monitored. Audubon RI volunteers do check on them each??year.

Insufficient Data = A site that was either not monitored, or was monitored but the observations did not provide enough data to make any conclusions.

Inactive = No nesting behavior was observed. ??Visitors may have come and gone, but no nesting, mating or incubation.

Housekeeping = Osprey were observed at the nest but the nest was incomplete or no incubation behavior was observed. ??Frequently the nest is abandoned partway through the season.

Active = Mating and/or incubation behavior was observed.

Successful = Fledgling(s) observed at the nest. ??This category is a subset of “Active” nests.

Fledglings = young birds with flight feathers.

I hope that the above information helps as you make observations and submit your findings!

Jon Scoones

April, 2017 ??David Briggs


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