Post Your Observations!

Hello Monitors!

The end of the month is drawing near, which means it is time to make sure your observations for April have all been posted.   I hope that you have all had a wonderful month of observations and are feeling comfortable about the nests you are monitoring.

From this point forward the future of the nests (active or not) should have been identified.   Those nests that are empty or not showing any activity can be checked on every few weeks.   Those nests that have active pairs should be observed at least every other week.   As we head into late June you will want to increase observations of active nests to a weekly basis.

Data compilation: During the first week of each month I review and compile the data for the previous month.  This means next week I will be reviewing your observations for April – so please have all your April observations entered by the end of the month.   I will then post the breeding status of each nest for everyone to review.

Milestones: Please be sure to submit milestone dates as mentioned in the training sessions, and as outlined in a previous post.  In summary, we are looking for the first date that you observed the following behaviors (if observed): Arrival at nest by AM, arrival at nest by AF, copulation, beginning of incubation, 1st sighting of chicks, 1st sighting of fledglings, departure of AM, AF and fledglings.   At the end of the season I will compile these dates for each nest and share them with our counterparts in the other New England states.

Corrections/ Updates:  thank you very much for taking the time to provide me with updated information on the nest sites, locations, directions, etc…  Keep ’em coming!

Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing you on the trail!

Jon Scoones

Upper Narrow River.  Ross Gardner 4/27









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UPDATED Nest Assignments

Hi everyone!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful day enjoying the beautiful weather and perhaps monitoring a nest or two 😉

Due to some problems with the previously posted nest list (columns were lined up incorrectly) I have published a new list.   It is called Nest Assignment 4.11.17 PUBLIC and may be found in the Informational Resources section.

Because the status of nests is very fluid, the lists are always going to need updates and corrections.  Please feel free to send me both so that we may have the most accurate information possible.  (For instance I just received an email about Town Pond #3 starting up in Portsmouth!)

Please note that several nest names on the assignment list have been highlighted – these should really be monitored based on their status last year.   So if you want to pick up one of these nests, just send a note to me at

Thank you very much for your time and dedication, and I look forward to seeing you all on the trails throughout the summer.

Jon Scoones


Photo: David Briggs, 3/29/2017   This is what we hope to see in August!






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Submitting Photos

Many thanks to all of you who have been submitting your wonderful photos!

The best way to submit them is to send them to me as an attachment to your email.  I may be reached at

Please be sure that you you include the following information with your submissions:

  • Location of photo
  • Date of photo
  • Your name
  • Any interesting notes about the photo you want to add.

I will always credit the photographer.  I may use the photo in the annual Report or other materials, so your approval is implied when you send me the photo.

Thank you again!

Jon Scoones

Allin’s Cove East, April 2017, Dave Winsor


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Nest Assignment Table

Hi Monitors,

It appears that some of the “active, inactive” designations on the Nest Assignment Table are incorrect.  I will be looking them over tomorrow and making repairs.

Please note that the designations have specific definitions, which are included below.  These designations are based on observations from the end of the 2016 season.  During the winter some changes may have occurred to the nest site in question.

Historic Nest Sites = A site that once had a nest but has not for more than three years.  These sites are no longer actively monitored. Audubon RI volunteers do check on them each year.

Insufficient Data = A site that was either not monitored, or was monitored but the observations did not provide enough data to make any conclusions.

Inactive = No nesting behavior was observed.  Visitors may have come and gone, but no nesting, mating or incubation.

Housekeeping = Osprey were observed at the nest but the nest was incomplete or no incubation behavior was observed.  Frequently the nest is abandoned partway through the season.

Active = Mating and/or incubation behavior was observed.

Successful = Fledgling(s) observed at the nest.  This category is a subset of “Active” nests.

Fledglings = young birds with flight feathers.

I hope that the above information helps as you make observations and submit your findings!

Jon Scoones

April, 2017  David Briggs


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Osprey Reports

Hi everyone!

Due to our change in computer servers the link to the 2015 Osprey Report has failed.  It should be repaired tomorrow.   Thanks to everyone who told me!   If you encounter other “broken” links please be sure to tell me.

Jon Scoones

Wilson Park, April 2017  Gary C.

Interloper approaching nest.  Gary saw a silver band on the left leg!

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Instructions for Entering Osprey Observations

Hello Osprey Monitors!
For those of you who are new to the monitoring program, here are some instructions on how to submit data! Hope it is helpful!


Instructions on Entering Data

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Nest Assignment Status

Welcome 2017 Osprey Monitors!

This year we were beset with a couple of computer problems that I think are behind us.  Sadly I had to change the sign up process to compensate, but i think it will all work out in the end!

Currently everyone (veteran monitors and new monitors who attended a workshop) have their email addresses entered into the submit data portion of the website.  This means you should all be able to submit your observations.  If you are not able to do so please send me an email.

All new monitors should have received targeted lists of sites from which to pick a nest or two to monitor.  If you have not returned your nest choices to me please do so ASAP.  I believe all the veteran monitors are set, but once the master list is published feel free to contact me to correct any errors.

On Monday I plan to post the entire list of nest sites and the assigned monitors as a link on this site.  Please review the document and get back to me at your earliest with any revisions.

Next Wednesday (and on subsequent Wednesdays) we will update the various maps – so if you have edits for them, please send them to me.

Please continue to send in your photos – they are wonderful!   They will be posted on Wednesdays for the most part.  If you do not want them to be used in the public domain please tell me.

All the best, and cheers to a action-filled 2017 Osprey Monitoring season!!


Please note that I typically work a Sunday – Thursday schedule.

Elliot Waterman.  Location and date Unknown

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Electronic Monitoring Form

Many thanks to Jean Whatley for the new Excel monitoring form – works like a champ! Follow the link in the Informational Resources section.


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OK to Submit Data

Hi everyone!
I just finished entering everyone’s emails into the system. So now if you have observations to enter just click on the submit data tab and use your email to gain access. If you run into a glitch please contact me. Sometimes I could not read handwriting and had to guess!


M Brady Ryan Park 2017

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Welcome Krystyna !

We are fortunate to have a new intern (Krystyna) who has already been busy  adding new versions of maps, compiling and adding photos, and adding posts.

So if you have ideas for useful tools, or see where revisions need to be made to the maps, please send me your thoughts and I will forward them to Krystyna.

Thank you,  Jon


Audubon Center in Bristol by G. Cunha

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