Nest Activity Clarification

Please note that the status of the nests shown on the recent Nest Activity table is from observations submitted through the end of May.   If you have seen and/or documented items in early June they were not viewed and would not be included in the table.

Likewise, if you have not entered your observations, or were a wee bit late doing so, I might not have seen your data, so it would not be included.

In early July I will review the observations submitted in June, and will update the Nest Activity table accordingly.  So please try to submit your observations as quickly as possible, and certainly by the end of the month!

Thank you again for all your support,



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Nest Activity Table

The latest Nest Activity table is now available- see link below!
If you spot any errors or omissions, please send any edits directly to Jon.
Note that the nests highlighted in yellow need either an observation or monitor or both. There are a number of nests that remain “UNK” and require a check as well.
The nests highlighted in blue require Jon to perform more research.
Please be sure to enter your observations into the system if you have not already, so we we can keep this table up to date. If you are able to help by checking the nests that require more observations (yellow highlighted or UNK status), that would be deeply appreciated!
Thank you all so much for your help in gathering this data!!!
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Nest Activity Through May


Hi Monitors !

I just finished reviewing everyones’ observations through May and have updated the 2019 Nest Activity Table.  With Jessica’s support it should be posted tomorrow or Tuesday.


I understand that there will be errors and ommissions and ask that you relay any directly to me so that I may correct them.

Several nests have not been monitored to date, or the observations have not been posted.  Please check the list and submit your data as soons as possible.  If you have extra time, you are welcome to check on any of the nests that are missing data.   These nests have been highlighted in yellow on the table.  (The nests highlighted in blue are for me to research.)

Thank you very much for your support of the program!  And keep those pictures coming – they are fantastic!






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Reminder: Please Submit Electronic Data

Greetings Osprey Monitors!  We hope you are having a wonderful summer and enjoying the latest developments at your nests!  Nestlings are now starting to appear, which is so exciting!  This is just a friendly reminder to ensure that you have submitted all of your data into the electronic system.  Jon is working on updates to the Nest Activity Table, which will be going public soon, and we want to make sure we have all of the latest info on the active nests!  Thank you so much!

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Watch Out for Bears!

Please be vigilant and remain safe when out monitoring!!! We’ve received an important note from a monitor about the presence of bears near osprey nests!

“As I was leaving the nests at Christofaro Park in Bonnet Shores on Monday, a black bear came out of the woods. I was driving and he went back in. There have been other bear sightings in that area, such as this one yesterday in Narragansett.”

Bear Encounter in Narragansett

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Correction: Updated Nest Assignment List Now Available!

Ok, I am trying this again! My sincere apologies- it seems that Jon and I had our wires crossed and so what I had published was indeed an older version of the Nest Assignment list. Attached is a link to the correct version. Note that it includes highlighting to help you to quickly identify which nests still need a monitor. Highlighted in yellow are the nest names that need a monitor, as they were active last year. Highlighted in blue are those nests where the status was unknown last year, but also are in need of a monitor.  Please do let us know if you are able to help out with any of the yellow or blue nests- thank you!
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Hi monitors!

I’m back from FLA where the Osprey still nest in trees but the Manatees are the favorites!

I have been reading all of your emails and am working hard to make the updates on the nest assignment list and add the new nests.  Thank you all so much for your dedication!




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Please Note: Jon is Out of the Office Until April 24th

Greetings Monitors!

Just a quick note: Jon will be out of the office until April 24th. He’ll respond to all messages when he returns.  He appreciates your patience with the delay in replies!

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Updated Nest Assignment List

The updated Nest Assignment List is now available! 
Note that there are a number of nests that still need a monitor; if you are willing to take one or more of these nests please contact Jon at (He is currently away from the office, but will catch up on email after the 24th.)
Please also contact Jon if you notice any changes that are needed in this updated list.
Thank you all so much for your efforts to help the osprey!  Your work is very much appreciated!
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Submitting Data

Hi everyone!

I just finished adding all the new names and email addresses to the SUBMIT DATA portion of the site.  If you are unable to access the tab using your email address please email me directly.  Sometimes I am unable to read handwriting, and sometimes lisdexia creeps in.

Thank you again for your participation!





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