Heads Up – The 2017 Osprey Report is Coming!

The final version of the report is being reviewed and should be ready for posting next week! The number of monitors (110) and hours spent monitoring (1,340) were in line with last year’s numbers. In 2017 volunteers monitored 274 nests (264 in RI and 10 in MA). Of those nests 145 were deemed active, of which 121 were successful. Monitors observed 226 fledglings from the nests in RI and 21 fledglings from the nests in MA, for a total of 247 fledglings.

Stay tuned for the details!!

Jon Scoones

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Videos of RI Osprey – Allin’s Cove in Barrington

Remember the Partridge Family?   Well you can watch “The Osprey Family” as they reunite, love, quarrel, eat and raise a family through a summer season in Barrington, Rhode Island.

This show is courtesy of the one of the smartest Osprey monitors I know: David Winsor. Why is he so smart?  He has set up his video camera inside his house and is able to watch and record the antics of the Allin’s Cove Osprey family without leaving the comfort of his home!

Osprey present – check.   Snacks – check.   Bird ID book – check.  Cold drink – check.  Bunny slippers – check.   Camera rolling – check!

David graciously takes the time to post his videos on YouTube so that we can all follow along.   Just follow the link to the right labeled “Allin’s Cove Video Link” which will take you to YouTube to see all of his videos.  Be sure to click on the red button to subscribe!

Happy Summer !







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Please Enter Your Observations!

Hi everyone!

Thank you again for your time and dedication in observing your nest(s) every week – such diligence is wonderful !    But if you do not enter your observations in a timely manner all of your hard work is for naught!

Barbara Costa (long time volunteer monitor) and I review every single one of your entries at the end of each month and make a determination (nest status, fledglings, etc…)  based on the observations we read.  If your observations are not entered, then we are not making accurate determinations.

Please enter your observations by the end of each month so the determinations are up-to-date, and so that Barbara and I do not have to go back and review them all again!

Thank you again, and keep up the great work!!

Jon Scoones

American Welding, Female Taking Off, June 2014, by Laura Landen



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Osprey Program Makes Public Radio!

Unknown. Please contact Jon Scoones if this is your photo.

Thanks to the hard work of all you dedicated Osprey monitors, Audubon’s RI Osprey Monitoring Program made it to Public Radio last week!

Following is a link to the clip: http://ripr.org/post/ri-audubon-society-records-nearly-300-young-ospreys-largest-number-40-years


I have also placed a link in the Osprey Links section to the right.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!!

Jon Scoones

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Photos by Jim O’Neil

Tough Competition!
Courtesy Jim O’Neil 2017

Hi everyone!

Osprey monitor Jim O’Neil sent me several of his photos taken at nest sites on the east bay.  I have included them as links under “Osprey Links”, identified by the nest name.  I am sorry that I did not have time to compile and label each one, but they are categorized by location.  Most were taken in the April – June time period.

Following are links in case you want to follow Jim and his great photos.  I especially like the series from the Colt State Park Platform Nest showing the competition between Osprey.

Jon Scoones



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Goose in Nest Ellen Champion

Many thanks to monitor Ellen Champion for sharing this photo of a Canada goose “sub-letting an Osprey nest in RI.   This situation has been seen before, but is certainly rare!

Jon Scoones


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2016 Osprey Newsletter (aka Report) Has Been Updated

The Osprey report for 2016 has been updated and is available by clicking on the link under the Osprey Newsletter heading.

This edition features all of the volunteers who participated in the program – or so we think!

Unfortunately the previous version omitted the names of a few volunteers.   Hopefully we have corrected the problem!   If your name is not included, please bring it to my attention at jscoones@asri.org and accept my apology!

Monitors staffing the Osprey table at the Raptor Weekend Festival





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2016 Osprey Report Completed!!

Marsh Meadows, David & Fran Bergeron, June 2017

I am pleased to announce that Audubon’s Rhode Island Osprey Report for 2016 has been completed and is available as a link under the “Osprey Program Monitoring Reports” category to the right>>>>

Many thanks to all of you selfless volunteers who contributed thousands of hours monitoring these wonderful birds day-in and day-out!  Your observations led to a great deal of data which has been compiled and is included in the Report.  As are some of your great photographs!!

Thank you again for your dedication last year, and for your hard work this year!  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Cheers for a job well done!

Jon Scoones

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Time To Submit Your Data!!

Greeting fellow monitors,

It is that time again!!

Please be sure to submit your observations for May (and for April if you have not done so) as soon as possible.   Barbara and I are going through your observations and it really helps if the data for each nest site is up to date.

Thank you very much!!

Jon Scoones

Mill Cove, April 2016, Luis M.


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Video of Active Osprey Nest

Over the years David Winsor has been an active monitor (Allin’s Cove) and has provided us with regular looks at Osprey life via videos he takes of this productive nest and makes public.  The quality of the videos is excellent and the day-to-day actions of Osprey are revealed.

He has a library of videos of the nest accessible on Youtube.  Follow this link to David’s latest contribution:  https://youtu.be/9tNIGokK5E8.

I added this link under OSPREY LINKS to the right.  Allin’s Cove Nest 6.7.17

Many thanks to David for his time and efforts!!

All the best,

Jon Scoones





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