2018 Nest Assignments

Hello Fellow Osprey Monitors!

Following are the initial nest assignments for the 2018 season.?? I say initial because this is always a work in progress.?? Please consider the following before you skip down to find your nest(s)


  1. I have not heard back from everyone, so there are quite a few nests that still need a monitor.????Please consider emailing me to cover a nest that needs a monitor.?? As always, the early bird gets the fish.
  2. Some of the data (town, status, etc..) may not be correct.?? We look to you to help us make sure the data is correct for the start of the season.
  3. If your name is not on the list please email me directly ASAP so that I may assgn you a nest.?? Likewise, if you want a change in your assignment, please email me ASAP.
  4. There is no priority or rank associated with Monitor 1 versus Monitor 2.
  5. The list is sorted by City.?? Please check the entire list for your name.?? You may have been assigned multiple nests.?? Be sure to check both columns (Monitor 1 and 2).
  6. Recording Observations:?? On Sunday April 8th I will enter all the new monitors’ usernames into the system so that you may record your observations.?? Please feel free to email me with any problems after the 8th.

Thank you all for your patience as we head into the season!?? I look forward to reading your observations and seeng you on the trails.?? Please remember to visit this site every weeek and submit your observations the same week.?? ??Since I subtotal the observations each month any delay in entering your observations changes the data and creates a bit of exta work.?? So thank you in advance for entering your observations the same week.

Jon Scoones


Nest_Name City Platform Status Monitor1 Monitor2
Alcatraz Nest Historic
Prospect Road
Quicksand North (Private)
Switch Fullerton
Prospect Ave Fish Co Active
100 Acre Cove (Cove Ave) Barrington active Austin, J&D Boles
100 Acre Cove (Isl) Barrington Active Lombardi Sarli
100 Acre Tongue S Barrington active Sarli Lombardi
131 Adam’s Point Road Barrington Historic – Blocked Fuchs
Adam’s Pt. Barrington Gone Califano Mendes
Allins Cove East Barrington Historic Betcher/Bourcier
Allins Cove W Barrington Active Winsor Betcher/Bourcier
Barneyville Rd Barrington active Lombardi
Barrington H.S. Barrington active Sarli Betcher/Boircier
Barrington YMCA Barrington active Sarli Nature Group
Bourne Lane Barrington active Fuchs
Brickyard Pond Barrington active Sarli Leblanc / Nature Group
Brickyard Pond 2 Barrington inactive Sarli Nature Group
Cranesbill Barrington Ins. Data Gelineau-
George St./Nockum Hill Barrington active Gerhardt Gelineau
Johannis Farm Midway Barrington active Lombardi Poirier
Johannis Farm N Barrington active Lombardi Poirier
Johannis Farm S Barrington active Lombardi Poirier
Johannis North Tree Nest Barrington Active Lombardi Poirier
Little Mussachuck Creek 1 Barrington active Gerhardt Staples
Little Mussachuck Creek 2 Barrington active Gerhardt Staples
Nagtegaal Nest Barrington gone
Osamequin Barrington active Sarli Gelineau / McMullen
Palmer River (Silviera) Barrington active Lombardi
Rumstick Pt. Barrington active Califano
Smith’s Cove Barrington active Fuchs Califano
Sowams Tree Nest Barrington active Lombardi
WPRO Radio Tower Barrington active Gerhardt
Block Island Power Block Island Active Gaffett
Audubon EEC Bristol Active Cunha Brudevold
Audubon EEC Tree Platform Bristol Inactive Brudevold
Bristol Transfer Station Bristol active Mendes
Mill Cove Bristol active Sanrom?? Williamson
Mill Gut Bristol active Mendes Sarli
Mill Gut Tree Nest Bristol active Mendes
Mount Hope HS Bristol Active Mendes
Musselbed Shoals Light Bristol active Poe
Peter Road Cell Tower Bristol active Mendes
Poppasquash Point Bristol Active Mendes
Siembab Nest Bristol active Lombardi
Silver Creek Thomas Park Bristol Historic Gerhardt
Tupelo Street Cell Tower Bristol active Mendes
Burdickville East Charlestown inactive Valiquette
Burdickville West Charlestown active Valiquette
Burdickville Westest Charlestown Historic
Quonochontaug Pond Charlestown Active Perry, E
Rt. 2 & Rt. 112 Charlestown active SilviaT
Shumankunuc Rd. Charlestown Historic Cole
West Pond Charlestown active Perry, E
Center of New England BJ’s Coventry Active Waterman
Waterman Hill Coventry Historic
Bold Point 2 E. Providence
Marnoch Drive Tree Nest E. Providence Active Gerhardt
Mobil Tank Farm 2 E. Providence
Mobil Tank Farm 4 E. Providence
American Legion Post East Greenwich active Saunders
Spink’s Nest Beach East Greenwich Historic Eubank
Uncle Bob’s Self Storage East Greenwich active Pratt
Bold Point East Providence active Hesser Heatherton
Bucklin Hill East Providence active Fish
Bucklin Hill #3 aka Charleton Ave East Providence Active Gallagher
Bucklin Hill North East Providence active Fish
Bucklin Point East Providence active Fish
Catamore Blvd. East Providence active Furtado Wood
East Bay Manor East Providence Historic
Hasbro East Providence active Whatley, J / Pelletier Nassoit
Marnoch Drive East Providence active Gerhardt
Mink Road East Providence active Furtado Paquette
Mobil Tank Farm 1 East Providence
Mobil Tank Farm 3 East Providence
Omega Pond East Providence active Nassoit/Hall Yang
Ladd School / Exeter Job Corp Center Exeter Historic
Metcalf Marsh Exeter active
Dow Memorial Field Hopkinton Ins Data Silvia Duval
Hopkinton ACO/DPW Hopkinton Active Silvia
Narragansett Way N Hopkinton Historic
Narragansett Way S Hopkinton Historic
Potter Hill East Hopkinton
Potter Hill West Hopkinton
Potter Hill Wester Hopkinton active Anderson, D
Tomaquag Hopkinton active Silvia T
Wood River Golf Course Hole 4 /5 Hopkinton active Duval
Beavertail Jamestown Active Bergeron Erikson
Dutch Island Lighthouse Jamestown Active
Fort Getty Road Jamestown Erikson Bergeron
Fox Hill Farm Jamestown active Bergeron Erikson
Jamestown South Pond Jamestown active
Lawn Ave. School Jamestown Active
Marsh Meadows Jamestown Active Bergeron Waterman
Neale Farm Jamestown active Macomber
North Bayview Dr. Jamestown inactive Osojnicki
O???Farrell Farm Jamestown Active Tornatore
Palmieri Property Jamestown gone
Petrie Property Jamestown inactive
Petrie Property 2 Jamestown Historic
Valley Falls Pond Lincoln Historic
Goose Wing Beach Little Compton inactive
Haeffenreffer 1 Little Compton active Costa
Round Pond Little Compton inactive Costa Costa
Watch House Pond Little Compton Costa
Coddington Cove Middletown active McMullen Weiss
Allen Harbor Marina N. Kingstown gone Carlson Eubank
Allen’s Harbor Marina Quonset N. Kingstown
Paul Masse Dealership N. Kingstown active Tornatore Hedberg
Quaker Lane Bait & Tackle N. Kingstown Waterman Brady, M
Salt Water Farms, Davisville N. Kingstown Eubank Russo, S
Wastewater Treatment WEST Naragansett active Brouilette
267 Sand Hill Cove Road Narragansett Wrona, B
40 Barnacle Dr. Narragansett active Carlson Burgess
BI Ferry Parking Lot Narragansett Historic
Canonchet Farm Narragansett active Dibble Sherman
Christofaro Park Narragansett active Fulton Bishop
Christofaro Park 2 Narragansett Inactive Fulton Bishop
Galilee Bird Sanctuary Narragansett active Burgess Carlson
Galilee Escape Rd. Narragansett active Burgess Carlson /David Briggs
Indian Rock Rd. Narragansett Active Dibble Fulton / Johnson
Lake Canonchet Narragansett inactive Arakelian Hedberg
Long Cove Narragansett inactive MacLennan
Marine Drive Narragansett Historic
Narragansett Elem. School Narragansett active Biddle Aralekian
Narragansett Sand and Salt Narragansett Active Carlson Saunders
Narrow River Mouth Narragansett active Sherman Wood
Pt. Judith Sunnybrook Farm Narragansett active Tassone MacLennan
Salt Pond Plaza Narragansett Silvia, S Gordons
South County Hospital Narragansett active Browning Gordons
Sprague Bridge Narragansett
Sprague Park Narragansett active Biddle Arakelian
Wastewater Treatment Facility Narragansett active Brouillette
Freebody Park Newport Anderson Weiss
Gooseberry Beach Newport Macomber
Gooseneck Cove Newport Brouillette
Hazard Marsh Newport inactive Macomber
Navy Yard N Newport
Navy Yard S Newport
Bailey Rd. North Kingstown Historic Eubank
Mainsail Drive North Kingstown Historic Carlson
McGinn Park North Kingstown Waterman
North Kingstown Dog Pound North Kingstown active Walsh, Darlene Hedberg
North Kingstown High School North North Kingstown Carlson Waterman
North Kingstown High School South North Kingstown Carlson Waterman
Northrup Road North Kingstown Active Eubank Carlson
Old Baptist Rd North Kingstown
Pendar Rd. North Kingstown active Saunders Russo, S
Quonset – Allen’s Harbor North Kingstown Gone Brockway Eubank
Rabbit Island, Wickford North Kingstown gone
Ryan Park North Kingstown active Waterman Brady, M
Snuff Mill Rd. & Rt. 1A North Kingstown active
Wilson Park NK North Kingstown active Eubank Russo, S
Max Read Field Pawtucket active Lewis
Almy Thurston Portsmouth Slabicky
Bay Point Inn/DPW Cell Tower Portsmouth active Poe Macomber
Bristol Harbor Rock Portsmouth active Mendes
Carr Point Left Field Portsmouth inactive Peppercorn Hall
Carr Point Right Field Portsmouth active Peppercorn Hall
Hog Island Portsmouth active Mendes
Jepson Rd. Substation 1 Portsmouth Gone VanSteeden
Jepson Rd. Substation 2 Portsmouth Gone VanSteeden
Melville Portsmouth active Peppercorn
Portsmouth Cement Company Portsmouth macomber Glazer/Egan
Portsmouth Fire Department Portsmouth active Peppercorn Walsh
Spectacle Island Portsmouth Active Glazer/Egan
Town Pond 1 Portsmouth active Poe Hall
Town Pond 2 Portsmouth active Hall Marcoux
Town Pond 3 Portsmouth gone Hall
5 Shipyard St Providence
Autopart International Broad Street Providence Active
Johnson & Wales Greenway Providence inactive O’Connor
Port of Providence Providence active O’Connor
Roger Williams Park Providence inactive O’Connor
Barrington Yacht Club Prudence Isle Prudence Island Active Weber Weber
Calf Pasture (Prudence Island) Prudence Island Historic Weber Weber
Coggeshell Cove Prudence Isle Prudence Island active Weber Weber
Gull Point Prudence Isle Prudence Island active Weber
Nags Creek N Prudence Island active Weber
Nags Creek S Prudence Island active Weber
Potter’s?? Cove Prudence Isle Prudence Island active Weber
Sheep’s Pen Cove Prudence Isle Prudence Island Historic Weber Weber
Beaver River/Rt. 138 Richmond Active Silvia T
Buttonwoods Rd. Richmond active Blott Duval
RPE Waste Services Cell Tower Richmond SilviaT
Rt. 95 /Old Switch Rd. Richmond active SilviaT Duval
Super 8 Motel Richmond Fullerton Gebhardt
Camp Fuller S. Kingstown Ins. Data Tylawsky
Great Swamp 1A S. Kingstown Kotecki
Great Swamp 1B S. Kingstown Kotecki
Potter’s Pond East S. Kingstown Tornatore
Pt Judith Pond Smelt Brook S. Kingstown
Clayville Scituate Historic
Leavitt / Runnins Road Seekonk Furtado Paquette
130 Sand Hill Cove South Kingstown Historic Burgess
86 Harbor Island Drive South Kingstown active Chronley Bishop
Billington Cove South Kingstown active Dibble Sherman
Broad Rock Athletic Field South Kingstown Historic Flately
Buttonwood Pt South Kingstown active Stout Tylawsky
Factory Pond South Kingstown Active Sullivan Watts
Great Swamp IMP #1 (Water) South Kingstown Kotecki
Great Swamp IMP #2 (Water) South Kingstown active Kotecki
Great Swamp IMP #3 (Water) South Kingstown active Kotecki
Great Swamp IMP #4 (Water) South Kingstown Not active Kotecki
Great Swamp IMP #5 (South) South Kingstown active Kotecki
Great Swamp IMP #6 (South) South Kingstown active Kotecki
Great Swamp IMP #7 South Kingstown inactive Kotecki
Great Swamp IMP #8 South Kingstown gone Kotecki
Great Swamp Range South Kingstown gone Kotecki
Great Swamp Substation South Kingstown active Kotecki
Jerusalem Lab South Kingstown active Tornatore DeAngelis
Narrow River Gooseberry Isl. South Kingstown
Old Mountain Field South Kingstown active Jones D Backman
Pettaquamscutt Cove West South Kingstown
Point Judith Pond Smelt Brook South Kingstown Brouillette
Pond St. South Kingstown active MacLennan Boyce / Johnson?
Potter Cove, SK South Kingstown
Potter’s Pond South Kingstown active Tornatore Case. M
Ram Pt. Marina South Kingstown Active Brouillette Browning
Rose Hill South Kingstown active Tornatore
Shannock Rd South Kingstown inactive
Succotash Water Tower South Kingstown active Tornatore
Theatre by the Sea South Kingstown Brouillette
Trustom Pond Osprey Point South Kingstown active Sullivan Watts Dehm, T
Trustom Pond Otter Point South Kingstown active Sullivan Watts Dehm, T
Turner Cove 1 South Kingstown gone Brouillette
Turner Cove 2 South Kingstown active Brouillette
Merriman’s Pond #3 Swansea active Lombardi
Merriman’s Pond 2 Swansea active
Fogland Marsh Tiverton
Ruecker Refuge Tiverton Walsh Poe
Tiverton Land Fill Tiverton Historic
American Welding W. Greenwich Fullerton Landon
Liberty Lane W. Greenwich Historic
W. Warwick Civic Center W. Warwick Waterman
47 Serpentine Road Warren Sarli Benevides
Belcher Cove Middle Warren active Lombardi
Belcher Cove N Warren active Lombardi Larrivee
Brown St. Warren Historic
Cell Tower Near FedEx Warren active Lombardi Williamson S
Charley’s Platform Warren Historic
Fatima High School Warren active
First Student Nest Warren active Williamson
Jacob’s Point Warren active Brudevold Treacy
Jamiel’s Park Light Tower Warren Active Sarli Benevides
Kickemuit Middle School Warren active Larivee
Market St. Land Nest Warren active Lombardi
Palmer River Tree Nest Warren active Lombardi
Swansea Bachelor Pad Warren Active Lombardi
Swansea Golf Club N Warren active Lombardi Lombardi
Swansea Golf Club S Warren active Lombardi Lombardi
Veteran’s Field Nest Warren active
Warren River Green Marker II Warren active Mendes Brudevold
Wujick Farm Nest Warren active Cuna
123 Ocean State Drive Warwick active Jones Brockway
Brown Point Warwick (Private) Warwick Gruneberg
CCRI Warwick active Carlson Jones L / Jean Whatley
Dogpatch Beach Warwick active Brockway
Gaspee Point (Private) Warwick Gruneberg
Mickey Stevens Warwick active Leslie Whatley, J
Pawtuxet River-Electronics Drive Warwick Ins. Data Gruneberg
Rocky Hill School Warwick Inactive Saunders Leslie
Sleepy Hollow Farm Warwick Saunders Tom Whatley
Warwick Police Dept. Warwick Tom Whatley
Washington Trust Bank Warwick active Jean Whatley Claire Gruneberg
Big River Mgt. Area West Greenwich Historic Landon Scales
Bucci Insurance West Warwick active Carlson Waterman
Cove Road Winnapaug Westerley Ins. Data Perry
Avondale Westerly active DeCicco Anderson, D
Breen Road Island Westerly active DeCicco Turano
Maschaug Pond Westerly gone Turano Anderson
Misquamicut West Westerly active David Anderson DiCecco
Napatree Pt. W Westerly Inactive DeAngelis
Pee Wee Football Westerly Inactive Anderson, D.
Rt. 78 & Rt. 91 Westerly inactive
Tom Harvey Rd. Westerly inactive Anderson, D. Mansell C.
Westerly Police Westerly Active Anderson, D
White Rock Rd. Westerly active Anderson, D Bonafede
Winnapaug Westerly active Perry, E
Winnapaug Breach Dr. Westerly gone Bonafede
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Nest Assignments

Hi monitors!!

Well it is clear that the Osprey are returning for another season in RI!?? Thank you for all the updates and photos!!

I am working on the nest assignments and hope to have them out by the end of the week.?? ??I am sorry for the delay, but am working to finish up the list as quickly as possible.

New monitors: Thank you for your patience!?? This is an exciting time, but no worries as we certainly have time for me to set up the nest assignments.?? ??I am also in the process of giving each of you access to submit your data.?? That should also be completed by the end of the week.

Returning monitors: Please continue to monitor the nests that you have in previous years.?? If you requested any changes I am processing them now.

My plan is to add a link to the nest assignment list at the end of the week.?? ??So please check the website on Friday.

Thank you again,

Jon Scoones






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REVISED Osprey Monitor Training Session Schedule

Please note that the training session being held at the Audubon Education Center in Bristol will be held from 11:00 – 1:00.?? ????NOT 2:00 – 4:30 as originally posted.

Following are the times of the other sessions:

2018 Osprey Monitor Training Sessions

March 11 Kettle Pond Visitor Center, 50 Bend Road, Charlestown 2:00 ??? 4:30

March 18 Audubon Caratunk Wildlife Refuge, 301 Brown Ave, Seekonk, MA 10:00-12:00

March 18 Audubon Headquarters, 12 Sanderson Road, Smithfield, RI 2:00-4:30

March 25 Audubon Education Center, 140 Hope Street, Bristol, RI 11:00-1:00


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Program Update

First off, Osprey have been sighted in RI !!?? ?? The first two people who send me a clear picture of an Osprey in RI get a free t-shirt.?? ??Typically this competition is over by April 1st – so no need to keep sending pics after that date!

Returning monitors: Please keep those emails coming with the nests you would like to cover in 2018.?? We have had several folks retire, so there will be some opwenings.?? I will announce them byApril 1st.

Clarification: I am delighted to still be managing the RI Osprey Monitoring program.?? Although my new position is Manager at Audubon’s Caratunk Wildlife Refuge, I am still the go-to guy for the Osprey program!?? ??The centralized volunteer program I used to direct is now being managed on a local level as needed by each different wildlife refuge.

The Osprey Report for 2017 has been posted on the website.?? Please email me back with any corrections or questions.?? And please remember that this Report is a product of
YOUR efforts throughout the season!?? Many thanks.

Interns: Lily (whom you have also heard from) is a fantastic college intern who has been helping to organize the program for this Spring.?? ??Kalya is post-college intern who has been creating new maps for our use.?? You should see them on the website in a couple of weeks.

Training Sessions:?? If you have already attended a sessiojn in the past you do not have to attend another one – but we are always happy to see you and catch up!

Please stay in touch, and I look forward to seeing many of you at the training sessions.



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Attention, returning monitors!

Just posting to remind returning monitors to please contact Jon at jscoones@asri.org and let him know which nest(s) you plan to cover for the 2018 season. We are looking to confirm assignments for returning monitors by Tuesday, March 4th. Ideally, we would like to get all returning monitors assigned with nests by the start of our training sessions which begin on March 11th. Thanks!

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Welcome, new and returning monitors!

It is with this post that the Audubon Society of Rhode Island announces the commencement of the 2018 Osprey Monitoring Program. After a successfully reflective report published in October quantifying population related findings of 2017, our organization is eager to begin planning for this year???s monitoring. Currently, program head Jon Scoones and the team are working to organize training sessions for new monitors that will be held mid March; a list of specific times and dates can be found below. Please remember to RSVP which training session you will be attending at jscoones@asri.org. It is helpful to review the Osprey Monitoring Guide prior to your chosen training session so that you can come prepared with any questions you may have! This document can be found to the right of our homepage under ???Informational Resources???. If you have not done so already, please submit an official volunteer application through our website.

2018 Osprey Monitor Training Sessions

March 11 Kettle Pond Visitor Center, 50 Bend Road, Charlestown 2:00 ??? 4:30
March 18 Audubon Caratunk Wildlife Refuge, 301 Brown Ave, Seekonk, MA 10:00-12:00
March 18 Audubon Headquarters, 12 Sanderson Road, Smithfield, RI 2:00-4:30
March 25 Audubon Education Center, 140 Hope Street, Bristol, RI 2:00-4:30

We are also preparing to distribute nests among volunteers. Please come to the training sessions with a certain nest in mind that you would be interested in monitoring throughout season ??? available nests can be viewed in our Google Maps page, located on the right of our homepage under ???Informational Resources???, as well. Returning monitors have already been asked to report to Jon on whether or not they will continue monitoring their designated nests in 2017. Assigning yourself a nest(s) will allow us to properly cover as many nests as possible, offering more data to the study and thus resulting in a more accurate report for 2018. Note that this program also covers a small region in MA, and nests located in Seekonk and Swansea are available to monitor as well but will not be factored in to RI statistics at the end of the study. Please report nests with intent to monitor to Jon by April 15th, the official start of the monitoring season.

Lastly, my name is Lily and I am thrilled to be interning with Jon and the organization throughout this year???s monitoring program. Science has been a long term passion of mine, and I strongly believe that wildlife restoration and protection should be a focus within our community. I am a Bristol native, and student at URI pursuing a degree in Biology. My email is listed below, and I am available for discussion regarding the study at any time. Thanks!


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Program Update for 2018


Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that I have accepted the position of Refuge Manager at Audubon Rhode Island???s Caratunk Wildlife Refuge, in Seekonk, MA.?? ??(Although the refuge is in Mass.,?? Audubon RI owns and manages the property.)

I will still be responsible for management of the RI Osprey Monitoring Program.?? Nothing changes on that front, except that I will need more help!

My primary job will be to build community support for this popular wildlife refuge that has not had a manager directly overseeing the property for six years. My transition from statewide Director of Volunteer Services to this new (for me) position will occur over the next several months so that I may assist with volunteer services moving from a statewide program to one that is more locally based.

While I am excited to begin a new chapter with Audubon, I am also saddened that I will no longer be interacting with each of you on a regular basis as I have in the past. I do hope to see many of you at the Caratunk Refuge for Maple Sugaring and other programs.

I have enjoyed working with you all over past five years. Together we have made many improvements to the volunteer program. Your time and efforts have made such a positive impact on Audubon and the public.

Naturally, there will be some changes to the volunteer program in the next couple of months. We are working to make the transition as smooth as possible and appreciate your patience during this time.

I wish you all the best and invite you to stop by Caratunk!


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2018 Osprey Monitor Training Sessions

The goal of the Osprey monitor training sessions is to explain the program???s goals and processes to people interested in becoming an Osprey monitor. The program will?? introduce attendees to the program’s training guide and?? web page.?? During the training session attendees will learn about Osprey, the process of monitoring a nest and reporting the observations.

All new monitors are required to attend one training session. Returning monitors are not required to attend but frequently do as it is a good way to see old friends and catch up on the latest Osprey-related news. If you have already attended a training session and cannot make one of the following dates, be sure to visit the program website to learn about any changes to the program.

2018 Osprey Monitor Training Sessions

March 11 Kettle Pond Visitor Center, 50 Bend Road, Charlestown 2:00 ??? 4:30

March 18 Audubon Caratunk Wildlife Refuge, 301 Brown Ave, Seekonk, MA 10:00-12:00

March 18 Audubon Headquarters, 12 Sanderson Road, Smithfield, RI 2:00-4:30

March 25 Audubon Education Center, 140 Hope Street, Bristol, RI 11:00-1:00

If you have preliminary questions about the program, please visit www.riosprey.info.?? Be sure to follow the link to the Training Guide.

Please RSVP to Jon Scoones at jscoones@asri.org so that we know how many materials to bring to each training session.

White Rock Road in Westerley by Sandra W.


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2017 RI Osprey Monitoring Program Report Is Here!!

I am pleased to announce that the 2017 RI Osprey Monitoring Program Report has been completed! All of the volunteer monitors deserve a big THANK YOU for making this report possible!! To open the report click on the link in the “Osprey Program Reports” section.

I look forward to hearing your comments – please make them directly to me at jscoones@asri.org.

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Heads Up – The 2017 Osprey Report is Coming!

The final version of the report is being reviewed and should be ready for posting next week! The number of monitors (110) and hours spent monitoring (1,340) were in line with last year’s numbers. In 2017 volunteers monitored 274 nests (264 in RI and 10 in MA). Of those nests 145 were deemed active, of which 121 were successful. Monitors observed 226 fledglings from the nests in RI and 21 fledglings from the nests in MA, for a total of 247 fledglings.

Stay tuned for the details!!

Jon Scoones

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