Osprey Monitor Luncheon

Osprey Luncheon Update:

To RSVP please email “Yay” or “nay” to rhodeislandosprey@gmail.com.

We are hosting the luncheon as a result of the interest mentioned by monitors over the years. So this luncheon is for YOU!   🙂

If luncheons are not your thing, that is fine as well. But if you want to get together with your peers in a casual environment, enjoy some laughs and offer ideas for improving the program, then come on by! Just remember to RSVP.  No need to bring anything if you don’t want to. This is a no pressure get-together! Jon Scoones

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Rhode Island Osprey Monitors are Cordially Invited!

End of Season Osprey Monitor Party!!!
Location: Audubon RI’s Caratunk Wildlife Refuge in Seekonk, MA
Date: 9/29/19
Time: 1:00-3:00 pm
Food:  Potluck- please bring your favorite dish to share!  (Flatware, cups, and drinks provided)
Agenda:  Meet and greet fellow monitors, review the year in numbers and photos, share ideas for improvement for next year… We hope to see you there!!!
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Updated Nest Activity Table

The Updated Nest Activity Table for July is now available!
If you have not yet submitted your July data, please do so asap via the Submit Data link above, so this table can be updated.
Also, please do feel free to visit any of the nests without a listed monitor, so we can obtain some data on these unmonitored nests.
Thank you all so much for all of your time and dedication!
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July Observations






Hi everyone!

Thank you for what looks to have been a very busy July on everyone’s part!

We  just finished reviewing the observations for July and have updated the 2019 Nest Activity Table.  After we give it a final review a link to the table will be posted on both the www.riosprey.info website and in the riosprey facebook group.

A tentative summary for observations through JULY follows.  Please remember that these numbers are not cast in stone and that the numbers for AUGUST have not been included.

Historic Nests (HN): Those with no nest for the past 2+ years: 38

No Nest (NN) this year: 16  Some of these nests may become HN next year

Unknown (U) status: 87  This is a very high number and reflects a couple of trends – nests not being monitored (so no observations) and nests that may have been monitored but the observations have not been posted.

Not Active (NA)  Nests without any observed BREEDING activity: 48

Housekeeping (H)  Nests with truncated breeding activity: 3

Active (A) Nests in which breeding activity was observed: 108

  • Successful (S) Active nest that produced a fledgling(s): 105   This number is a subset of Active nests.
  • Estimated # of Fledglings through July: 187

The season is almost over!!  Please submit your data for August by the 7th of September.  Feel free to check out any “U” listed nests for any activity and or fledglings.

Thank you again!

Jon, Jessica and Gary

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Osprey Talk Cancelled

Please Note: Unfortunately, the osprey lecture for tomorrow evening at the Audubon Center in Bristol has been cancelled due to lack of enrollment.
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Updates and Save the Date

Hi Osprey Monitors,
Greetings from Jon, Jessica and Gary! Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of Osprey in RI. We are always trying to improve the program behind the scenes and have a few updates to share with you.


  • Contacting us – In order to ensure a prompt and accurate response, please use the following address when contacting us with questions, concerns, corrections, etc: RhodeIslandOsprey@gmail.com. Using this email address will ensure that your note is not lost or forgotten and is responded to quickly.


  • New Nests – In recognition that new nests have not been added as quickly as they should be, Gary has volunteered to visit and map the new nests so they can then be included in the Submit Data system, allowing you to report your findings!  There are two ways to submit new nests:
  1. Use the tab on the website – it will go directly to Jon’s email
  2. Send an email with the relevant information to RhodeIslandOsprey@gmail.com address. Please put “New Nest” in the title line.


  • Feedback – Along with fixing the issues we discovered, we are considering making some upgrades to the website, map and the process for submitting observation data. Before we do anything we would love to hear your feedback on the following topics:
  1. Website – Bear in mind that the www.riosprey.info website is the program’s outward facing link to the public. (The facebook group is the inward facing platform where only Monitors (and us) can “talk” amongst ourselves.)
    1. Does the website serve its purpose? What (reasonable) changes would you like to see?
  2. Map of nest sites – Does the map serve its purpose? What (reasonable) changes would you like to see? Would you like to see it linked to other applications? Would you like to see additional layers of the map showing active versus inactive nests (by color) or monitored versus not monitored sites?
  3. Submit Data tab – How is this working for you? Would you like to see us make some changes… perhaps switch to a google docs platform? What wording or changes would improve the process of inputting your observation data?


  • Raptor Weekend – Call for monitors to staff the Osprey table! This annual event is a great opportunity to see a variety of raptors up close and personal! The event is held at Audubon’s Wildlife Refuge in Bristol, on the bay! For the past few years Osprey Monitors have been staffing a table dedicated to the Osprey Monitoring program. It is best to have at least two volunteers in the AM shift, and two for the PM shift on both Saturday and Sunday. Volunteers who work both AM and PM shifts and register with Jon through RhodeIslandOsprey@gmail.com will receive a free lunch. Otherwise snacks will be provided. Shifts are roughly 8:30-12:30 and 12:30-4:00 Please respond to the program website, attention Jon, if you are interested or have additional questions.


  • Volunteer Luncheon – Audubon Society of Rhode Island invites you to attend a luncheon in honor of you – citizen science volunteers who support conservation in the Ocean State. The luncheon will be held at Audubon’s Caratunk Wildlife Refuge at 301 Brown Avenue in Seekonk, RI on September 21st exact times to be determined but around lunchtime. Please save the date! More details will be forthcoming.


Thank you again for all the skill and hard work you devote to the RI Osprey Monitoring program!
Jon, Jessica and Gary
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When is a nest considered “Successful”?

Hi monitors!

A quick note to reiterate the nest status classifications as defined in this program.   We do our best to understand what you are relaying in your observations and then make conservative assessments based on them.   At this time of year you should be seeing the adults and juveniles in/around the nest and differentiating between the two.  It is important to get a good count now because it becomes more difficult to tell the difference between adultss and fledlings as the summer progresses.

This program is especially interested in the  number of fledglings from each nest.  A fledgling has flight feathers (as opposed to downy) and is capable of flying (fledging) and independent survival.  This time of year is the transition period when the juveniles have their flight feathers and are starting to fly.


S = Successful, meaning fledglings have been observed.  Hopefully flying, and certainly robust and with flight feathers.  This does not include the flightless nestlings seen earlier in the season.   Typically a status of “A” changes to “S” in July when the fledgling count is more certain (some nestlings do not make it).

A = Active, meaning breeding behavior and/or downy chicks/nestlings have been observed.

NA = Not Actve, meaning no breeding behavior was observed. Osprey could have been present at the nest, but no nest building, copulation, incubation or chicks were observed.

UNK = Unknown, meaning the nest status is unclear.  This could be the result of a couple situations: No observations were provided, OR Observations were provided but no clear/certain behaviors to indicate breeding, or no breeding.  UNK is typical early in the season, and with nests that are difficult to see, such as cell towers.  A nest can be UNK until mid July when suddenly nestlings are large enough to see over the nest, on the nest, or in flight (fledging).

H = Housekeeping, meaning some basic breeding behavior was observed but the nest was abandoned.  This is typically seen with juveniles.  Sometimes it may be the case that the pair has left the nest due to a threat of some sort.

NN = No Nest, meaning just that – no nest was present at the site.  Perhaps a bare pole is visible.

HN = Historic Nest, meaning there has not been a nest, or any Osprey, at the location for a few years.  It is important to continue tracking these nests and checking on them as sometimes the nest is resettled.

Thank you again for all your hard work!

Jon, Jessica and Gary



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Adding New Nests

Greetings Monitors!

It is wonderful to hear all of your nest updates and especially about the fledglings starting to fly! Summer too seems to be flying by, but we are trying to catch up, especially by updating our nest listing map and database to include new nests that were either discovered this year or inadvertently omitted in previous years. Below are those that we are planning to add… please do contact us at rhodeislandosprey@gmail.com if you know of any other nests that need to be included. Thank you so much for all that you do to help the program and the osprey- it is very much appreciated!!!

-Riverpoint Park, Hay St. Off Rt 33 Providence St., West Warwick

-Exxon Nest 5: Vanity Fair

-Exxon Nest 6:  Runnins River

-Route 4 & 95 Split

-Eldredge Field, East Greenwich

-20 Pond St, North Kingstown

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Author Meet and Greet Next Week!

Please Note: Unfortunately, the osprey lecture for tomorrow evening at the Audubon Center in Bristol has been cancelled due to lack of enrollment.
Sending out a reminder about this fascinating talk occurring next week at the Bristol Audubon center!
Author Meet and Greet
Ospreys: The Revival of the Global Raptor

The extraordinary revival in Osprey numbers that we are witnessing here in southern New England has not been restricted to our shores. Nearly eliminated from most of Europe half a century ago, Ospreys are staging a remarkable comeback there as well — from Scotland to Spain and France to Finland. Follow local Osprey expert Alan Poole as he leads guests along on a three week summer trip through Europe, visiting Osprey researchers and gathering material for his recently published book: Ospreys: Revival of a Global Raptor. Part travelogue, part natural history, this lecture celebrates the revival of a global raptor. Poole’s book will be available for purchase and signing.

Audubon Nature Center and Aquarium, 1401 Hope Street, Bristol, RI; July 25, 2019; 7:00-8:00 pm; Advance tickets purchased before July 15: $10/member, $12/non-member. Purchased after July 15: $15/member, $17/non-member after July 15. Ages: Adult.



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Nest Activity Through June

Hi Osprey Monitors! I am working on updating the nest activity table through June, so please enter all your data through the end of the month ASAP.
On a side note, if you wish to get the contact information of another monitor please run it past me or Jessica so that we may make the introduction. (Unless you bump into them in the field.) Some monitors are happy to socialize within the group while others prefer not to.
Thank you for your understanding. Jon
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