IMPORTANT: This is the Time to Observe!

Photo by Silvia

Hi Monitors!

This is the time many of you have been waiting for: The chance to see fledglings take to the air and explore the area around their nests.   This is also the last chance for us to accurately count the number of fledglings from specific nests.  Once the fledglings start to explore beyond their nest territory they may visit other nearby nests.  When this happens we can no longer say for certain how many fledglings came from which nests.

So please be sure to visit the nests you have been monitoring today, tomorrow, as soon as possible!   Be conservative in your counts – make sure you know that the fledgling came from which specific nest.  If you cannot tell, then please make a note in your observation.

We are so very grateful for all your hard work and dedication since early Spring. This is the time when it is very important to make those observations.  IF you are unable to visit a nest, please reach out to us via or our Facebook page.

If you have extra time, check the NEst Activity Table for June and look at the list of “Unknown” nests.   There may be one or two you can check in on!

Thank you again,

Jon, Jess and Gary




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July Observations Due!

Hi Fellow Monitors,

What a crazy summer!  I am very excited to see the upcoming nest activity table showing your observations from July.   This is when we really get to see the ‘big picture’ regarding all the nests across the state and into parts of Mass.   I will be compiling the data starting this Friday the 7th, so please have your observations submitted before then.  If you are having issues with the submit data tab, you may send your highlights to me at

A special shout out to those monitors who jumped in to check on the nests with the ‘unknown’ status.   Your extra efforts are noted and greatly appreciated!!

Many thanks to ALL the monitors, as this program would not exist were it not for you.   See you on the trails, behind the mask!





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June Nest Activity Report

Greetings 2020 Monitors,

The nest activity report for the month of June has been completed (please see link below).  This data would not be available if not for the time you spend each week to observe and submit your data – Many Thanks!

June 2020 Nest Activity

Thank you also for submitting your observations in a timely manner – it certainly helps us create this report for everyone to see when the information is still fresh.

Unfortunately the number of nests with an “Unknown” status is extremely high at 93.  Despite the wonderful efforts of several of you to help “fill in the gaps” we still have many nests across the state that are unaccounted for.  If you have not yet submitted your data for these nests, please do so as soon as possible!  And if anyone is able to visit and submit observations on any of these nests, even as “just passing through”, that would be greatly appreciated!

Following is a summary of the Activity through the end of June.  If you have comments or questions please send them to

June Nest Activity

  • Total nests in database: 344
  • Historic nests: 22 (Not monitored)
  • No Nest Found: 22 (May be designated “Historic” next season)
  • Unknown Nests: 93
  • Housekeeping: 2
  • Not Active Nests: 43 (No breeding behavior observed)
  • Active Nests: 51  (Breeding behavior observed)
  • Successful Nests: 109
  • Nestlings Observed: 201

Thank you again for all of your hard work. The data in this list will be updated and presented again in early August, so be sure to enter your observations prior to August  5th.

See you on the trails,

Jon, Jess and Gary

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June Observation Data Due by July 4th

Important Reminder: Please ensure all of your June observation data is entered by July 4th!

Jon will be working on the June data summary and hopes to have it available by the 9th. But in order to do so, we need to ensure we have all of the data for June on each nest.

Thank you all so much, and wishing you a safe, happy, and osprey-filled holiday weekend!  -Jess

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May Nest Activity Data

May Nest Activity Summary

I am pleased to report that we finally have the nest activity report for the month of May. I know the data will seem a bit outdated given all the fledglings capturing our attention! But when viewed in conjunction with previous, and following months, the data from May gives us a solid picture of the type of activity in each nest.

The hard work of all the monitors, Gary and Jess has resulted in the following figures.

· Total nests in database: 342

· Historic nests: 31

· No Nest Found: 27 (May be designated “Historic” next season)

· Active Nests: 180

· Not Active Nests: 26

· Unknown Nests: 78 (These have been highlighted in yellow. If you have the time, observations on these nests would be very helpful in determining the health of the Osprey population in RI (and parts of MA).

Thank you again for all of your hard work. The data in this list will be updated and presented again in early July, so be sure to enter your observations prior to July 7th. If you see any errors or omissions in the data please send a note to us at

See you on the trails,


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Observations For June Due

With July fast approaching, please be sure that all your observations for the month of June have been entered.   I will be reviewing all the observations for the month and updating the Monthly Nest Activity Report by July 9th.  So please enter those observations  by the 7th.

Thank you, Jon




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How to Report Fledglings

Hi Everyone- I hope you are all doing well. Now that we are starting to see the first signs of the chicks fledging, I’ve received a question about how and when to report fledglings in the Observation form. Hopefully these guidelines will help!

You’ll know you have fledglings when you see that the nestlings now have their flight feathers (with tell-tale speckled wings) and they are able to make short flights out of the nest. If you Google “osprey fledgling”, you can see some photos to get an idea of what they will look like! Ideally you will see them leave the nest, or they may actually be perched outside of the nest, or make short hopping flights around it.

When you see the fledglings, you can start reporting the nest status as “Successful”, and begin including the count of fledglings when you fill out the form. You’ll see there is one question for the number of nestlings visible, and another for the number of fledglings visible- they will each be counted separately, either as one or the other, not both.

It is possible that some of the young are more developed than others, so if you believe there are some that could be considered fledglings and others that should still be considered nestlings, then you can split the count between the two categories (i.e., if there are 3 young in the nest but only one is able to leave the nest, then you’d enter 2 for visible nestlings and 1 for visible fledgling, and the nest status would be “Successful”).

Please do feel free to reach out with any questions, and wishing you happy osprey-watching!  -Jess

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Duplicate Entries in Observation Data file

Hi Everyone! Just a head’s up about a potential issue you may encounter when entering your data. One of our monitors reached out to let us know that they were seeing duplicates of their submitted data in the Observation Data file. I took a look and noticed that there were duplicates on a number of dates from several other monitors as well.

It appears to be an issue with how some mobile phones are handling Google forms. Apparently when a user passes from their mobile internet to Wi-Fi, when they re-open their browser, it is sending their form response again. Google is aware of this and is working on it. There is a workaround for now. If you happen to notice that your entries are being duplicated as well, you can try this:

When you fill out the observation form and reach the end, where it says “Thank you” and there is a link to submit another response, click on that link (even if you don’t have another response to record right then). This should prevent your browser from re-sending your response again later.

I will keep an eye out for duplicates and delete if I find them. It isn’t really an issue for us, data-wise, but it does make the Observation Data file unnecessarily long, if the same entries are appearing more than once!

Thank you all so much!  -Jess

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Observations Due This Friday

Hi Monitors!
Many thanks to all of you who have been monitoring and posting through the month of May.
In order to determine how every nest is doing across the state (and into Mass.) everyone’s observations from May should be entered into the system by this Friday, June 5th.
As you all know, this is an important time for Osprey and monitors. While the Osprey are raising their chicks, we are watching and counting…. while the canopy slowly closes our viewing windows!
Thank you so much for your dedication, and please stay in touch! Keep those great photos coming as well!
Jon & Jess
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Link to May Nest List


Hello Monitors,

In the previous post we shared some highlights from your observations over the past month.   If you are interested in seeing the entire “big” picture, there is a link to the May 2020 Osprey Nest List in the Informational Resources section of this page.

We also shared some definitions of terms that everyone should look through so that we are all on the same page!

Thank you again for supporting the program – we could not do it without all of you!

J, J & G




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