Goose in Nest Ellen Champion

Many thanks to monitor Ellen Champion for sharing this photo of a Canada goose “sub-letting an Osprey nest in RI.   This situation has been seen before, but is certainly rare!

Jon Scoones


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2016 Osprey Newsletter (aka Report) Has Been Updated

The Osprey report for 2016 has been updated and is available by clicking on the link under the Osprey Newsletter heading.

This edition features all of the volunteers who participated in the program – or so we think!

Unfortunately the previous version omitted the names of a few volunteers.   Hopefully we have corrected the problem!   If your name is not included, please bring it to my attention at and accept my apology!

Monitors staffing the Osprey table at the Raptor Weekend Festival





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2016 Osprey Report Completed!!

Marsh Meadows, David & Fran Bergeron, June 2017

I am pleased to announce that Audubon’s Rhode Island Osprey Report for 2016 has been completed and is available as a link under the “Osprey Program Monitoring Reports” category to the right>>>>

Many thanks to all of you selfless volunteers who contributed thousands of hours monitoring these wonderful birds day-in and day-out!  Your observations led to a great deal of data which has been compiled and is included in the Report.  As are some of your great photographs!!

Thank you again for your dedication last year, and for your hard work this year!  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Cheers for a job well done!

Jon Scoones

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Time To Submit Your Data!!

Greeting fellow monitors,

It is that time again!!

Please be sure to submit your observations for May (and for April if you have not done so) as soon as possible.   Barbara and I are going through your observations and it really helps if the data for each nest site is up to date.

Thank you very much!!

Jon Scoones

Mill Cove, April 2016, Luis M.


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Video of Active Osprey Nest

Over the years David Winsor has been an active monitor (Allin’s Cove) and has provided us with regular looks at Osprey life via videos he takes of this productive nest and makes public.  The quality of the videos is excellent and the day-to-day actions of Osprey are revealed.

He has a library of videos of the nest accessible on Youtube.  Follow this link to David’s latest contribution:

I added this link under OSPREY LINKS to the right.  Allin’s Cove Nest 6.7.17

Many thanks to David for his time and efforts!!

All the best,

Jon Scoones





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Audubon Report: Flight of the Osprey

Hello Fellow Monitors!

For those of you who missed the original article in the Audubon Society of Rhode Island’s Report last year, I have included a link to the Report in our Informational Resources section.

Kudos to our own Butch Lombardi for his tireless dedication to the situation as it unfolded.

Jon Scoones

North Kingston Dog Pound

Ross Gardner

April 2017

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Updated Nest Assignment Table

Hi Fellow Osprey Monitors!

I just set up a link to an Updated Nest Assignment Table – you can find it under “Informational Resources” to the right—>

This table has more detail than the one in my previous posting.   Following are a couple of items to be aware of:

Monitors – Typically we look for 2 or more monitors per nest unless there are special circumstances.  Officially we list only two names as that is how the spreadsheet is setup; however additional observations are always welcome.  If you see your name either missing from a nest you are monitoring, or attached to a nest you are not monitoring, please contact me directly so we can make the necessary changes!

Breeding Status APRIL:  Please remember that this term refers specifically to how I classify the breeding behaviors you observed and submitted during the month of April.  This term does NOT refer to whether or not there are birds at the nest.

In a previous post I explained the different breeding behaviors to look for, and how I classify them after reading your observations.   I will repost that information shortly.  I.e.  Active (seeing copulation, incubation, chicks)  Successful (Seeing fledglings)  or Housekeeping (Adults perform some nest building copulation or incubation but giving up on the nest) or Not Active or Unknown (This term is used if no information is gathered about the nest or if the information provided is not definitive enough to classify it as one of the other options.    For example, “saw two birds in the nest” does not provide enough information to qualify for a particular behavior.

Platform Status APRIL:  This term refers to the the nesting site – be it a pole, cell tower,  tree, etc…  as relayed to us in April.   We always welcome more information about the location and condition of the nest sites.  So if you see any missing information regarding the site you are monitoring, please send me an update!

For example, a pole recently toppled over in South County and a group of volunteers quickly reacted and repaired the pole, probably saving the nest for the season!

Krystyn, one of Audubon’s wonderful Osprey interns, returns on Wednesday so we should get caught up on posting new nests and photos then.

Cheers !


New Nest in RV Parking Lot!

267 Sand Hill Cove Road, Narragansett

Jane Burgess,  April, 2017

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Table of Nests Needing A Monitor

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy days to make observations throughout April, and then submit them to me!

Last week I reviewed all of your observations submitted for April and determined that the following nests do not have a monitor watching them.   If you are interested in either (A) monitoring one of the nests through the season or (B) just checking to see if a nest is present, we could use your help!   I placed the findings from 2016 below in case they would help you choose a nest.

I realize that there will be a few oversights on this list, so feel free to send me a note at to correct me!

By mid-week I plan to post a link to an updated 2017 Nest Assignment Table, so stay tuned!

Thanks to all of you, and for all the new nests that have been reported as well!

Jon Scoones


If you are currently monitoring one of the following nests, or know that the nest is gone and no longer needs monitoring, please contact me directly at

Table: Nests Needing A Monitor    Vers 5.7.17

Nest_Name Town 2016 Final Breeding Status 
Alcatraz Nest Warren Unknown
BI Ferry Parking Lot – Closed / coned South Kingstown Successful
Bold Point 2 Barrington Unknown
Brown St. Warren Not Active – Gone
Charley’s Platform Warren Unknown
Clayville Scituate Unknown
Cove Road Winnapaug Westerley Unknown
Dutch Island Lighthouse Jamestown Successful
East Bay Manor East Providence Not Active – Gone
Fatima High School Warren Successful
Fogland Marsh Tiverton Unknown
Goose Wing Beach Little Compton Unknown
Johannis North Tree Nest Barrington Unknown
Ladd School / Exeter Job Center Exeter Not Active
Long Cove Narragansett Housekeeping
Marine Drive Narragansett Unknown – Gone
Napatree Pt. W Westerly Unknown
Narragansett Way S Hopkinton Unknown
Narrow River Gooseberry Isl. South Kingstown Unknown
Navy Yard N Newport Unknown
Navy Yard S Newport Unknown
North Bayview Dr. Jamestown Not Active
Old Baptist Rd North Kingstown Unknown
Palmieri Property Jamestown Successful Gone for 2017
Pawtuxet River-Electronics Drive Warwick Unknown
Pee Wee Football Westerly Not Active
Petrie Property Jamestown Not Active
Petrie Property 2 Jamestown Unknown
Pettaquamscutt Cove West South Kingstown Successful – Gone
Point Judith Pond Smelt Brook South Kingstown Unknown
Potter Cove, SK South Kingstown Unknown
Prospect Ave Fish Co East Providence Successful
Prospect Road South Kingstown Successful
Pt Judith Pond Smelt Brook Narragansett Unknown
Quonochontaug Pond Charlestown Successful
Shannock Rd South Kingstown Not Active
Shumankunuc Rd. Charlestown Not Active
Tiverton Land Fill Tiverton Successful
Valley Falls Pond Lincoln Unknown – Gone
West Pond Charlestown Not Active
Autopart International Broad Street Providence Unknown
Avondale Westerly Successful
Bailey Rd. North Kingstown Not Active
Buttonwood Pt South Kingstown Successful
Carr Point Left Field Portsmouth Not Active
Market St. Land Nest Warren Successful

Mill Cove Luis Mendes April 2017

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RI Osprey Monitoring Statistics for April 2017

Hi fellow monitors!

To those of you who submitted your data prior to the end of the month – thank you very much.   To those of you who have yet to enter your observations, Grrrrrr….. 😉

Following are some statistics based on the data for April.   I try to summarize the status of each month during the season.   The summaries make the year-end review much more accurate and help us see problems with coverage, nest structures, etc. in a timely manner.


# Being Monitored 231
Not Being Monitored 45
Total 276
Platform Status – April This category refers to the status of the nest site/structure
Active 165 Birds using the nest
Not Active – Nest Problem 9 Problem reported with nest structure on none there
Not Active – No details 39 Reported, but no details provided
Unknown, Being Monitored 25 No report provided by monitor
Unknown,  Not Monitored 38 No monitor, no report
Total 276
Breeding Status – April This category refers to specific breeding activity being observed.  Activities include nest making, copulation and / or incubation as well as observation of chicks or fledglings (in the future).
Active 81 Breeding activity reported
Not Active 66 No breeding activity reported
Unknown – Not Monitored 38 No monitor for this site or no nest
Unknown – Monitored 91 No clear observation of breeding activity
Total 276
Sites that Still Need a Monitor 26 These are historically viable sites with nest structures.  We need monitors to at least check on these sotes to see if they are active.

Happy monitoring!!

Jon Scoones

5 Shipyard Street Kevin Winn 4 20 17



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Post Your Observations!

Hello Monitors!

The end of the month is drawing near, which means it is time to make sure your observations for April have all been posted.   I hope that you have all had a wonderful month of observations and are feeling comfortable about the nests you are monitoring.

From this point forward the future of the nests (active or not) should have been identified.   Those nests that are empty or not showing any activity can be checked on every few weeks.   Those nests that have active pairs should be observed at least every other week.   As we head into late June you will want to increase observations of active nests to a weekly basis.

Data compilation: During the first week of each month I review and compile the data for the previous month.  This means next week I will be reviewing your observations for April – so please have all your April observations entered by the end of the month.   I will then post the breeding status of each nest for everyone to review.

Milestones: Please be sure to submit milestone dates as mentioned in the training sessions, and as outlined in a previous post.  In summary, we are looking for the first date that you observed the following behaviors (if observed): Arrival at nest by AM, arrival at nest by AF, copulation, beginning of incubation, 1st sighting of chicks, 1st sighting of fledglings, departure of AM, AF and fledglings.   At the end of the season I will compile these dates for each nest and share them with our counterparts in the other New England states.

Corrections/ Updates:  thank you very much for taking the time to provide me with updated information on the nest sites, locations, directions, etc…  Keep ’em coming!

Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing you on the trail!

Jon Scoones

Upper Narrow River.  Ross Gardner 4/27









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