Osprey Orientation & Training Sessions

White Rock Road in Westerley by Sandra W.

White Rock Road in Westerley by Sandra W.

Seems unbelievable that a year has passed by already, but Osprey will soon returning to Rhode Island and settling in to their old (and new) nests.

The Rhode Island Osprey Monitoring program is a long-running citizen science program.  Audubon has managed it for the past 6 years, and before that the RI DEM managed the program back to 1972.  So join us in capturing important data about the health of our habitats, fish stock and of course, the charismatic Osprey!

If you are interested in joining the wonderful, elite team of Audubon Osprey Monitors then the first step is to attend one of our orientation sessions.  (See the schedule below).

Sunday March 5th – Audubon Center in Bristol, RI 2:00-4:00

Sunday March 12th – Audubon headquarters in Smthfield, RI  2:00-4:00

Sunday March 19th – Kettle Pond National Wildlife Refuge Visitor’s Center in Charlestown, RI  2:00-4:00

No need to RSVP – just show up with a notebook.    You need only attend one of the training sessions.

The second step is to explore this site.  Please be sure to look at the map of nest sites that we currently monitor.  We assign nests, and do our best to assign one close to your location.  It will also help to look over the training guide and check out some of the links so that you are familiar with the terms.

If you have any questions prior to the orientation sessopn please feel free to contact Jon Scoones at jscoones@asri.org of 401-245-7500.

I look forward to seeing you at the orientation session!

Jon Scoones





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2016 New England Osprey Symposium

New England Osprey Symposium

Hi everyone!

Thursday morning at 0600 Gary C. (better known as IFISHRI.com) and I are headed off to Essex, MA to represent lil’ Rhody in the 1st annual Osprey Symposium!  Following is a link to learn more about this great event – 140 Osprey fanatics are schedule to attend!  New England Osprey Symposium

I am proud to be presenting the fruits of all your collective labors – so thank you for all of your dedication and hard work!

See you on the trails!



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The End of the Season Means…..

Time to enter your final observations! Many thanks to all of you who have already entered them!  I am in the process of reviewing each note for each nest, and your summary entries for the end of the season are proving very helpful!! In addition, everyone’s milestone information is wonderful – keep ’em coming!!
Jon Scoones

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July Observations – Please Enter!!

Three Little Birds…. Jerusalem Nest – Photo by Roberto Tornatore










Hi everyone!

Tomorrow I will begin reviewing all of your observations (aka hard work) for the month of July and updating the fledgling status of each nest.  So if you still need to enter your observations now is the time to do so!  Currently we have 254 nests in the database!

Thank you again for all of your help with this program!

Jon Scoones

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Please Enter Your July Observations !

Beavertail Nest At the end of July we will assess all of your observations for the month of June.   So if you have any observations to upload to the website, or need to make another visit to “your” nests before the end of the month, you have one week left!    Thank you so much!

Beavertail Nest Site    Photo by Jen Osonicki

Jon Scoones

And remember – pictures are great!

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Thank You!

Many thanks to everyone who responded to our request for help and sent me observations/updates on the nests that were lacking data. I know it took time from your busy days and greatly appreciate your help! Jon

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Nest Status for June, 2016 And A Request For Help

Narrow River Mouth Nest & Young Osprey Monitor

Happy Summer, Fellow Osprey Monitors!

Many thanks to everyone who updated their observations for June.  When I checked the records a second time it was great to see everyone’s observations and anecdotes!

Please note that 23 nests still need to be checked and reported on for June – Are you able to help?

As of today, July 10th, following is a summary of the nest activity for Rhode Island.  If you see a problem just email me directly!

Still to check for June (and no July):   23 nests (or 10 % of the total nests).  See the list below if you would like to help do a one-time status check!

Active Nests: 162 or 66% of the total nests.

Not Active: 51 or 21 % of total nests

Unknown: 4 or >1% of total nests.  These nests are identified as “Unknown” because we do not have any data on them for the season and no access.

Total Nests: 246 (Thanks to all of you for submitting the new nests you found!!


LIST OF NESTS THAT NEED HELP!   We do not have reports on the following nests for June or July-to-date.  If you have a moment, please check on one of these nests and report back.   Currently me and our fantastic Intern Jenn are trying to cover these nests, but your help would be great!    To find a nest, go to the Informational Resources section on this home page and use the link to the Osprey Nest Sites in Rhode Island.  Please post your observation quickly so that others do not head out as well!

40 Barnacle Dr. – Narragansett
Brown St. – Warren
Buttonwood Pt – South Kingstown
Charley’s Platform – Warren
Cove Road Winnapaug – Westerly
Fogland Marsh – Tiverton
Freebody Park – Newport
Goose Wing Beach – Little Compton
Gooseberry Beach- Newport
Gooseneck Cove- Newport
Marine Drive – Narragansett
Mount Hope HS – Bristol
Napatree Pt. W – – Westerly
Narragansett Way S – Hopkinton
Potter Cove, SK – South Kingstown
Quonochontaug Pond – Charlestown
Quonset – Allen’s Harbor – North Kingsown
Rabbit Island – North Kingstown
Rt. 78 & Rt. 91- Westerly
Sleepy Hollow Farm – Warwick
South County Hospital – Narragansett

Thank you all so much!!  Be sure to check out my other recent post regarding the new map!

Jon Scoones



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New, Updated Map of Nest Sites!!

Osprey at Audubon Bristol EEC Nest, 2016. By George Cunha

I am please to announce a new map for your use when looking for nest locations and information about the nest sites.

To access the new map, just head over to the Osprey Links section, and click on the Osprey Nest Sites In Rhode Island link.  This link should take you to a Google map which I believe is much easier to use and provides an improved search function.  You can scroll to find a nest name, or just type the name into the search bar.

As always, the accuracy of the particular nest site data relies on your input.  So please review your nests and make sure the related data (location, directions, etc..) is correct.  If anything is not correct, please send me a note wit the correct information.

If you have any suggested improvements, please feel free to send me a note – it is important that this map works for all of YOU!

All the best – and be sure to check out my other recent posts.

Jon Scoones

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June Observations Are Due!!

Hi monitors!

If you have any outstanding observations to enter for June, please enter them now!    I am in the process of checking the activity level for each nest through the month of June – and it really helps if all of your observations have been entered!

Thanks again for your dedication to this program – your time is greatly appreciated!

Jon ScoonesEEC TreeNest_4.12.15_Butch L..




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Nest Activity Status For May & Request For Help

Happy June Fellow Osprey Monitors!

Thank you again for all your time spent observing Rhode Islands’ Osprey and submitting your data.  I just finished reviewing all of your observations for May and was delighted to see that many of you highlighted milestones, provided suggestions, found new nests and of course, sent along your photos!

During my review of observations unfortunately I noticed that numerous nests were not reported upon during the month of May.   This is an important time to capture the data on the status of the nest and the number of chicks.   There are a couple of solutions for this situation:

1) If you have data from your May observations and have not entered it, please do so now.

2) Please open the document titled “2016 Nest Activity Table_May”.   This document lists all the unreported sites for May, along with directions for finding them.   Your help in visiting and reporting on these sites would be great!!  (The document can be found in the category titled “Osprey Links” on this page).     

If you know that a site is not active, damaged, etc, please make a note of that via the website so that we do not continue to monitor it throughout the season.

Thank you very much for all your hard work!!



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