Electronic Monitoring Form

Many thanks to Jean Whatley for the new Excel monitoring form – works like a champ! Follow the link in the Informational Resources section.


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OK to Submit Data

Hi everyone!
I just finished entering everyone’s emails into the system. So now if you have observations to enter just click on the submit data tab and use your email to gain access. If you run into a glitch please contact me. Sometimes I could not read handwriting and had to guess!


M Brady Ryan Park 2017

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Welcome Krystyna !

We are fortunate to have a new intern (Krystyna) who has already been busy  adding new versions of maps, compiling and adding photos, and adding posts.

So if you have ideas for useful tools, or see where revisions need to be made to the maps, please send me your thoughts and I will forward them to Krystyna.

Thank you,  Jon


Audubon Center in Bristol by G. Cunha

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New Maps Added!

Please note that the map of nests has been updated, and two new maps have been added to the website! They color-code the nests by town and by activity in the nest. Hopefully they will help you see where the Ospreys are located and which nests have activity in them! If you see any errors please feel free to email and we will fix the mistake.

Hope you find the maps helpful!


Dr. Brain Marnoch

Photo by Dr. Brian Marnoch

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Osprey Monitoring: Next Steps

Many thanks to all of you who attended any of the three orientation/ training sessions we conducted over the past month.    Nearly 70 people attended the sessions, approximately 2/3 of whom are new to the program!

So now that we have both returning and new monitors getting excited over reports of returning Osprey, let’s review the next steps:

Map:  The map will be updated over the next month.  The goal is to create separate versions sorted by town; active versus not-active; monitored assigned or not; and to color code the pins accordingly, etc…  We have a wonderful intern (Keelyn) who will be heading up this project.

Nest Assignments:  I think I have heard from all the returning monitors about their choices and have all the information from the new monitors.  This week and into next we will be compiling the data and reaching out to all of you to confirm nest assignments for 2017.  Please be patient as we go through this process – we have time until the bulk of the birds have returned!

Submitting Data – New Monitors – Later this week we will be adding your email addresses to the site so that you are able to submit your observations.  Once the process has been completed I will post a note on this site.

Submitting Data – Returning Monitors – If your email has changed, please send me the new one so that I may update the site.  If you are not sure which email I have, just try to enter some test data.

Behavior Identification: This season I will be working with another intern (Rachel) to post pictures and information showing what to look for when observing an Osprey nest.   We welcome your photos showing us clear behaviors and different scenarios.

Volunteer Applications:  Please be sure to complete one of our Audubon Volunteer Applications.  The link is located at the top of the home page.  It is good for us to have your contact information, emergency contact information and to know more about you in the context of volunteering.  Through the submit data portion of the site we track the amount of time you spend in the field, which helps us show support for the program, for Audubon, and for support of Nature in general.


Thank you again for supporting the program – I look forward to seeing you in the field!



Photo by George Cunha

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Start of the Season!

I have been receiving reports of returning Osprey being sighted!!

As we have done in previous years, the first person to send me a (clear, definitive) photo of a 2017 returning Osprey will win a free Audubon t-shirt!  Please send your photo as an attachment to me at jscoones@asri.org

And of course, we love receiving your Osprey-related photos throughout the year.  I will post your photo on this site and may use it in reports and/or presentations.  Your approval is implied unless you ask me specifically not to share it.

Here’s to a new season!

1st Photo received of Osprey returning for 2015 season!  Spotted on 3/23/2015 over the Pawtuxet River in Coventry, vicinity of Lake Tiogue by Bryan W.

1st Photo received of Osprey returning for 2015 season! Spotted on 3/23/2015 over the Pawtuxet River in Coventry, vicinity of Lake Tiogue by Bryan W.




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Apologies and Thank You’s!

Three Little Birds_Jerusalem Nest_Roberto Tornatore

Thank you to everyone who took the time to tell me that this site was down.  We encountered a couple of glitches, but everything should be working now!

As in previous years, I will be hosting orientation/training sessions on the next three Sundays (March 5, 12 and 19th) from 2:00-4:00.  Please refer to the previous post for details and locations.

Following the orientation sessions I will be assigning nests.  I hope to have most of this process completed by April 1st… or so!.  If you are a returning monitor (THANK YOU!) please take a second to send me an email telling me which nests you plan on monitoring in the 2017 season.

Reminder – Please remember that your observation data should be posted on the website within two weeks of your observation.  I collate the data each month and it is very helpful to have all the date in the system and not have to go back and recalculate all the figures.   Thank you for your help with this.

Data – Please keep copies (hard or electronic) of your observations on hand for a full year after the observations were made.  You no longer need to send your raw data to me.  Just keep it safe in case of a problem.

Milestones: Like last year, please try your best to document any milestones occurring at your nest.  Milestones include the following, and are in addition to your regular observations:

Initial status of your assigned nest(s)

Date the adults first arrive/are first seen by you

Date of copulation if seen

Date incubation starts

Date each chick is first seen

Date of first fledging

Date the adults begin migration

Date juveniles begin migration

On behalf of everyone at Audubon, thank you very much for your dedication throughout the summer!


Jon Scoones






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Osprey Orientation & Training Sessions

White Rock Road in Westerley by Sandra W.

White Rock Road in Westerley by Sandra W.

Seems unbelievable that a year has passed by already, but Osprey will soon returning to Rhode Island and settling in to their old (and new) nests.

The Rhode Island Osprey Monitoring program is a long-running citizen science program.  Audubon has managed it for the past 6 years, and before that the RI DEM managed the program back to 1972.  So join us in capturing important data about the health of our habitats, fish stock and of course, the charismatic Osprey!

If you are interested in joining the wonderful, elite team of Audubon Osprey Monitors then the first step is to attend one of our orientation sessions.  (See the schedule below).

Sunday March 5th – Audubon Center in Bristol, RI 2:00-4:00

Sunday March 12th – Audubon headquarters in Smthfield, RI  2:00-4:00

Sunday March 19th – Kettle Pond National Wildlife Refuge Visitor’s Center in Charlestown, RI  2:00-4:00

No need to RSVP – just show up with a notebook.    You need only attend one of the training sessions.

The second step is to explore this site.  Please be sure to look at the map of nest sites that we currently monitor.  We assign nests, and do our best to assign one close to your location.  It will also help to look over the training guide and check out some of the links so that you are familiar with the terms.

If you have any questions prior to the orientation sessopn please feel free to contact Jon Scoones at jscoones@asri.org of 401-245-7500.

I look forward to seeing you at the orientation session!

Jon Scoones





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2016 New England Osprey Symposium

New England Osprey Symposium

Hi everyone!

Thursday morning at 0600 Gary C. (better known as IFISHRI.com) and I are headed off to Essex, MA to represent lil’ Rhody in the 1st annual Osprey Symposium!  Following is a link to learn more about this great event – 140 Osprey fanatics are schedule to attend!  New England Osprey Symposium

I am proud to be presenting the fruits of all your collective labors – so thank you for all of your dedication and hard work!

See you on the trails!



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The End of the Season Means…..

Time to enter your final observations! Many thanks to all of you who have already entered them!  I am in the process of reviewing each note for each nest, and your summary entries for the end of the season are proving very helpful!! In addition, everyone’s milestone information is wonderful – keep ’em coming!!
Jon Scoones

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