2020 Osprey Monitor Registration

Photo by Ross G., Upper Narrow River, May 2017

Greetings Monitors!

Thank you again for all of your hard work last season!   Can you believe its time to start getting ready for the 2020 season!?!

If you plan on participating this season (and we hope that you do), please complete the following form, in order to register your contact info and (for returning monitors) your preferred nests.


Please complete by February 1st.

Thank you very much, and I look forward to seeing you soon.


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Monitor Training Sessions: Starting in February

Photo by Maura B., White Rock Rd, Westerly, April 2019

Hi everyone!

We cannot believe that it is time for Osprey Monitor training already!  We are very excited, but without much of a winter to date it seems like just yesterday we were all standing around tall poles with our binoculars pointed skyward!

For those folks who are new to the program, since 1977, the Osprey Monitoring program has carefully tracked the Osprey population in Rhode Island and parts of Massachusetts as it recovered from the detrimental effects of pesticides. Attend this free two-hour training session to learn about the program and how to become a monitor. Attendees should be over 18, have binoculars or a spotting scope and have access to a computer.

All NEW monitors are required to attend a training session before joining the program.  Returning monitors are encouraged (but not required) to attend a training session.

Training Session Dates, Times and Locations:

RSVPs requested but not required.  Please respond to Jon at jscoones@asri.org

Audubon Nature Center and Aquarium, 1401 Hope Street, Bristol, RI; February 2, 2020; 12:00-3:00 pm. 

Audubon Caratunk Wildlife Refuge, 301 Brown Avenue, Seekonk, MA; February 9, 2020; 12:00-3:00 pm. 

URI’s East Farm, 14 East Farm Rd, Kingston, Rhode Island; February 23, 2020; 1:00-3:00 pm. 

We look forward to seeing you all at one of the training sessions and catching up.   We will be distributing the 2019 Osprey Monitoring Report at the sessions.

See you soon,

Jess, Gary and Jon



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Season’s Greetings!!!

Wishing all of our Osprey Monitors and Volunteers a joyful, peaceful holiday season, and a very Happy New Year!!!  The osprey are currently enjoying the warm southern weather for the winter, but will soon be heading back to Rhode Island, rebuilding their nests and getting ready to raise chicks!  We are so grateful for all of your help and dedication to the program, and look forward to seeing you (and the osprey!) again in the Spring!

-Jess, Jon, & Gary

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Osprey Monitor Luncheon Cancelled

Hi everyone, and thank you for signing up to attend the luncheon.   Unfortunately we only had a handful of folks that were able to come, so we have canceled the luncheon.  There were many factors at play, and we apologize for any inconvenience.
That said, we are already planning on have a luncheon in the Spring to help us kick off the 2020 season!   We will provide more information way in advance so we can get on everyone’s calendars!   Who knew how busy everyone is in September!!
Thank you again for all your support, and all the best!
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Observations & Light Luncheon

Hi monitors!

It is bittersweet, but the end of the season is upon us.  Although I saw two fledglings Osprey overhead at Touisset the other day, the adults and most of the fledglings are heading south.   At this point it becomes difficult to count the fledglings and determine which nest they are from, so making accurate observations regarding the nest activty wanes in favor of just watching!

Regarding observations, I am in the process of updating the database with your observations made in August, and for the season. Soooo, if you have not yet entered your observations for August please do so as soon as possible in order to have tour data captured for the season and the annual report.

Given the end of the season, we are planning a potluck luncheon on September 29 from 1:00 – 3:00.   See details below.   Audubon will provide some food, but we are hoping that you will bring some as well.   A list of ideas will be posted here in the next couple of days.

I hope to see you all at the luncheon!







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Osprey Monitor Luncheon

Osprey Luncheon Update:

To RSVP please email “Yay” or “nay” to rhodeislandosprey@gmail.com.

We are hosting the luncheon as a result of the interest mentioned by monitors over the years. So this luncheon is for YOU!   🙂

If luncheons are not your thing, that is fine as well. But if you want to get together with your peers in a casual environment, enjoy some laughs and offer ideas for improving the program, then come on by! Just remember to RSVP.  No need to bring anything if you don’t want to. This is a no pressure get-together! Jon Scoones

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Rhode Island Osprey Monitors are Cordially Invited!

End of Season Osprey Monitor Party!!!
Location: Audubon RI’s Caratunk Wildlife Refuge in Seekonk, MA
Date: 9/29/19
Time: 1:00-3:00 pm
Food:  Potluck- please bring your favorite dish to share!  (Flatware, cups, and drinks provided)
Agenda:  Meet and greet fellow monitors, review the year in numbers and photos, share ideas for improvement for next year… We hope to see you there!!!
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Updated Nest Activity Table

The Updated Nest Activity Table for July is now available!
If you have not yet submitted your July data, please do so asap via the Submit Data link above, so this table can be updated.
Also, please do feel free to visit any of the nests without a listed monitor, so we can obtain some data on these unmonitored nests.
Thank you all so much for all of your time and dedication!
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July Observations






Hi everyone!

Thank you for what looks to have been a very busy July on everyone’s part!

We  just finished reviewing the observations for July and have updated the 2019 Nest Activity Table.  After we give it a final review a link to the table will be posted on both the www.riosprey.info website and in the riosprey facebook group.

A tentative summary for observations through JULY follows.  Please remember that these numbers are not cast in stone and that the numbers for AUGUST have not been included.

Historic Nests (HN): Those with no nest for the past 2+ years: 38

No Nest (NN) this year: 16  Some of these nests may become HN next year

Unknown (U) status: 87  This is a very high number and reflects a couple of trends – nests not being monitored (so no observations) and nests that may have been monitored but the observations have not been posted.

Not Active (NA)  Nests without any observed BREEDING activity: 48

Housekeeping (H)  Nests with truncated breeding activity: 3

Active (A) Nests in which breeding activity was observed: 108

  • Successful (S) Active nest that produced a fledgling(s): 105   This number is a subset of Active nests.
  • Estimated # of Fledglings through July: 187

The season is almost over!!  Please submit your data for August by the 7th of September.  Feel free to check out any “U” listed nests for any activity and or fledglings.

Thank you again!

Jon, Jessica and Gary

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Osprey Talk Cancelled

Please Note: Unfortunately, the osprey lecture for tomorrow evening at the Audubon Center in Bristol has been cancelled due to lack of enrollment.
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