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2 Responses to Report a New Nest!

  1. Julia Polana says:

    The nest that I observed on the State Property near where the two Bucklin Hill Nests are located is a new nest! I thought it was the Bucklin Point nest but I was mistaken. I observed this nest on August 13th. I now know it is a new nest because I have found the Bucklin Point nest which is not this nest.
    My observation:
    Three feathered fledglings sitting on nest. I did not see them stretch wings, etc. One adult bird was circling in their immediate area. I only stayed 5 minutes to observe because I was standing right in front of the Bucklin Hill Nest and had just walked past the Bucklin Hill North nest and all of those osprey were very agitated.
    They are very isolated from mankind because the whole area is fenced in, surrounded by trees and the processing plant is down below. The only reason someone probably climbs the hill “mini-island” is to mow.
    On 8/19/2014 I had a clear view to the nest and I could see one bird flying nearby and two on the nest. It is quite a distance so if I were trying to identify them early on I would not be able to use that spot.
    I suggest that the Audubon Society make contact with the Naragansett Bay Commission to set up a working relationship.

    The nest is approximately located at:
    71 degrees 22’05.28″W
    Elevation – 45 ft.

    I could vaguely see it from my observation spot from Bucklin Point.

    • Jon Scoones at Audubon says:


      Thanks for your submission of this nest. The location will be added to the list, and hopefuly we will find a monitor for it for the 2015 season! Cheers, Jon

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