RI Osprey Monitoring Statistics for April 2017

Hi fellow monitors!

To those of you who submitted your data prior to the end of the month – thank you very much.   To those of you who have yet to enter your observations, Grrrrrr….. 😉

Following are some statistics based on the data for April.   I try to summarize the status of each month during the season.   The summaries make the year-end review much more accurate and help us see problems with coverage, nest structures, etc. in a timely manner.


# Being Monitored 231
Not Being Monitored 45
Total 276
Platform Status – April This category refers to the status of the nest site/structure
Active 165 Birds using the nest
Not Active – Nest Problem 9 Problem reported with nest structure on none there
Not Active – No details 39 Reported, but no details provided
Unknown, Being Monitored 25 No report provided by monitor
Unknown,  Not Monitored 38 No monitor, no report
Total 276
Breeding Status – April This category refers to specific breeding activity being observed.  Activities include nest making, copulation and / or incubation as well as observation of chicks or fledglings (in the future).
Active 81 Breeding activity reported
Not Active 66 No breeding activity reported
Unknown – Not Monitored 38 No monitor for this site or no nest
Unknown – Monitored 91 No clear observation of breeding activity
Total 276
Sites that Still Need a Monitor 26 These are historically viable sites with nest structures.  We need monitors to at least check on these sotes to see if they are active.

Happy monitoring!!

Jon Scoones

5 Shipyard Street Kevin Winn 4 20 17



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