Spring Update

Hi Monitors!

Thank you so much for your dedication and patience as we get the ball rolling this Spring.  Following is a status report regarding the administration of the program:

2020 Osprey Report – This has been posted on the website.  If you know of any items that need to be edited please send an email to: rhodeislandosprey@gmail.com   I am compiling the changes and will make them.

New monitor permissions – New monitor passwords will be entered into the system next week.   I will send out a notice to everyone so that you may start to submit your data via the website.   If you are not sure of your password, please send a note to rhodeislandosprey@gmail.com.

Nest Assignment List: We had a last minute surge of interested monitors, which delayed the process.  That is a great problem to have!   I have updated the list and now need to “clean” it and post it.  My goal is to release it in a abbreviated form next week.   In the meantime, please monitor those nests that you told me you were interested in.  When the Nest Assignment List is posted, you will be able to see 1) if your name is associated with the nests you want to monitor, 2) if there are other monitors associated with the nest and 3) those nests that do not have any monitors.   Please feel free to ask to pick up an unmonitored nest, especially if there are already several people monitoring one of the nests you cover.  Please note that some of the nests are listed as “HISTORIC/UNKNOWN”.  This means that either we did not receive conclusive information about the breeding success of the nest, or the nest has not been active in the past 3+ years.  These nests remain in the database.

New Nests: ‘Tis the season to spot new nests.  If you spot a new nest, please check the map on the website to determine if we already have it listed.  If we do not have the new nest listed, please click on the ‘new nest’ tab and follow the directions.  As soon as we can verify the location, directions and get a photo we will add it to the map and the database.

And finally, Active vs Not Active Nests: If a nest has a pair present that seem to be engaged in breeding activity (nest construction/repair, copulation, incubation, or chicks, then the nest is deemed “Active”.  It there are no Osprey present at all, the nest is deemed “Not Active”.  And if there are Osprey present at the nest, but not engaged in any breeding behavior the nest is considered ‘Not Active”

Thank you for your time and dedication in supporting the program!  And another thanks to Gary, Paige and Jess for their continued support as well.








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