Updated 2020 Osprey Nest List

Greetings Monitors!

Thank you all for volunteering for another season of watching Osprey!  For those of you who have volunteered in the past, we hope you may consider joining us again (and/or spreading the word)!  One potential bright side of statewide lockdown is perhaps having more time in the field to monitor!  If you know of anyone with cabin fever who likes birds, please send them our way.  We have a quite a few nests that still need to be monitored and will be setting up online training.  Areas in need of monitors are highlighted in the updated nest assignment list (see below for more info!).

2020 Osprey Nest List:

The latest version of the 2020 Osprey Nest List is now available:


We know that the Nest List will not be perfect, so please be patient.  If you see any errors or omissions please send us a clear email noting the nest name, town and nature of the problem.

For instance, we may have you assigned to incorrect nests.  Or we may have not assigned you to a nest you want to monitor.  Or we may have omitted a nest that you know about.  Or we may have labeled a nest with an incorrect town.  And so on….   there are many ways we could have messed up .   Just send a nice note to rhodeislandosprey@gmail.com and we will resolve it!

When reviewing the 2020 Osprey Nest List it is hard not to see all of the highlights.  In this case, yellow is bad  while blue is good .   Please help us add more blue to the List and remove all the yellow!

The nests highlighted in yellow are not yet covered by a monitor.    Clearly we need more monitors so help spread the word!    (We have not highlighted nests labeled as “Historic” as they have not been active in several years and do not need a monitor assigned to cover them.)

The name of monitors highlighted in blue have submitted data for that particular nest.  I am sure that during the time we highlighted the List and published the List some folks submitted data, so please do not worry!  If you just submitted data in the past 5 days we may not have caught it.  No worries!

Contact Information:

In order for you to submit data via the website we must have your contact information.  As most of you know, we switched computer systems at the beginning of the season and we need your updated contact information.   To make it easy, Jess created a Contact Form (link: https://forms.gle/ZQCAtPj1Yp21ryyDA ).  Many of you have already submitted your information and should be good to go.  If you have not yet completed the Contact Form, please do so as soon as possible, as this is the info we are using to create the nest assignments and add you to the new data submission system.  If you are experiencing any difficulty submitting data or recently changed any of your contact information, please drop us a line at rhodeislandosprey.info.

Find a New Nest?

Please use the “New Nest” form on the www.riosprey.info website.  Using the form will help ensure that the information will not be buried in our email box, and helps us keep all the new nest information together.  Please check the map before submitting a new nest as we find some are already there on the map and on the Osprey Nest List. Also, please include the Latitude/Longitude of the nest if you can.   Thank you so much!

Corrections to the Nest Map

Feel free to send your corrections to us at rhodeislandosprey@gmail.com.  One of us will check it out, make revisions as soon as possible, and confirm the revision to you.

Updates to the Data Submission Form

We really appreciate all of your patience and feedback as we adjust to using the new Google Form format for data submission, and will be rolling out some improvements in response to your feedback!  We’ve especially gotten some questions about which is the correct nest status to select for different situations.  Jess has updated that section to provide a bit more definition of when to use each status, which we hope will help.

Note that the program is focused around breeding activity, so the “Active” status refers specifically to breeding behavior (nest building, copulation, male bringing food to female, and/or adult feeding young).  When you are selecting the nest status, it is based on whether you witnessed breeding behavior during that particular visit.  You would select “Active” if you see these activities while you are at the nest that day.  If osprey are present at the nest but not engaging in these activities, then the status for that observation would be “Not Active” (even if you have seen the osprey engaging in breeding behavior on past visits).

 The end of season question has also been updated, so now it is multiple choice.  You’ll still only fill out this question at the end of the season.  Depending on your response, the form will then ask for the final number of fledglings.  This update will make it easier for us to determine the final nest status.

Data Submission Tips

We’ve also received some questions about the need to log into the form (using your email address) each time, for each observation.  We know this can become rather tedious!  It is an unfortunate side effect of using Google Forms.  In order to make things a bit easier when you have multiple observations to enter, we recommend using copy/paste.  The first time you enter your email address, before you click “Next”, make a copy by highlighting your email address and hitting the “CTRL” and “C” keys simultaneously.  Then the next time you need to enter your email address, just put your cursor into the blank space and hit the” CTRL” and “V” keys.  This will paste your email address into the space.

To help save time on needing to enter your name for each observation as well, note that you don’t need to enter your full name.  You can enter just your last name, or just your first name and last initial.  We only need enough information here to know which monitor made the observation.

Viewing the Observation Data

Finally, several folks have asked about how they can view their own and other monitors’ recorded nest observations.  Our 2020 monitors have been provided with a view-only link to the raw data feed from the Observation Data form (contact us if you didn’t receive the link!).  The data appears in the order of when it was entered/received, so you’ll have to scroll through to see all of the data as it is entered on each nest, but this will enable you to view the status and notes from all monitors.  The data is updated real-time as observations are entered, so you will see the most up-to-date information each time you open the link.

Thank You!

We deeply appreciate all of your help and dedication to the program, which wouldn’t exist without you, our wonderful monitors!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at rhodeislandosprey@gmail.com  


Jon, Gary, & Jess

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