Updated Nest Assignment Table

Hi Fellow Osprey Monitors!

I just set up a link to an Updated Nest Assignment Table – you can find it under “Informational Resources” to the right—>

This table has more detail than the one in my previous posting. ?? Following are a couple of items to be aware of:

Monitors – Typically we look for 2 or more monitors per nest unless there are special??circumstances. ??Officially we list only two names as that is how the spreadsheet is setup; however additional observations are always welcome. ??If you see your name either missing from a nest you are monitoring, or attached to a nest you are not monitoring, please contact me directly so we can make the necessary changes!

Breeding Status APRIL: ??Please remember that this term refers specifically to how I classify the breeding behaviors you observed and submitted during the month of April. ??This term does NOT refer to whether or not there are birds at the nest.

In a previous post I explained the different breeding behaviors to look for, and how I classify them after reading your observations.?? ??I will repost that information shortly. ??I.e. ??Active (seeing copulation, incubation, chicks) ??Successful (Seeing fledglings) ??or Housekeeping (Adults perform some nest building copulation or incubation but giving up on the nest) or Not Active or Unknown (This term is used if no information is gathered about the nest or if the information provided is not definitive enough to classify it as one of the other options. ?? ??For example, “saw two birds in the nest” does not provide enough information to qualify for??a particular behavior.

Platform Status APRIL: ??This term refers to the the nesting site – be it a pole, cell tower, ??tree, etc… ??as relayed to us in April. ?? We always welcome more information about the location and condition of the nest sites. ??So if you see any missing information regarding the site you are monitoring, please send me an update!

For example, a pole recently toppled over in South County and a group of volunteers quickly reacted and repaired the pole, probably saving the nest for the season!

Krystyn, one of Audubon’s wonderful Osprey interns, returns on Wednesday so we should get caught up on posting new nests and photos then.

Cheers !


New Nest in RV Parking Lot!

267 Sand Hill Cove Road, Narragansett

Jane Burgess, ??April, 2017

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