UPDATED Nest Assignments

Hi everyone!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful day enjoying the beautiful weather and perhaps monitoring a nest or two 😉

Due to some problems with the previously posted nest list (columns were lined up incorrectly) I have published a new list.   It is called Nest Assignment 4.11.17 PUBLIC and may be found in the Informational Resources section.

Because the status of nests is very fluid, the lists are always going to need updates and corrections.  Please feel free to send me both so that we may have the most accurate information possible.  (For instance I just received an email about Town Pond #3 starting up in Portsmouth!)

Please note that several nest names on the assignment list have been highlighted – these should really be monitored based on their status last year.   So if you want to pick up one of these nests, just send a note to me at jscoones@asri.org.

Thank you very much for your time and dedication, and I look forward to seeing you all on the trails throughout the summer.

Jon Scoones


Photo: David Briggs, 3/29/2017   This is what we hope to see in August!






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