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Welcome to the 2014 breeding season. We have reports of Ospreys returning to Rhode Island. On March 16, Bob Weaver reported to Polly Pie an Osprey flying over the Norman Bird Sanctuary with a yellow perch in talons. I’ve included the photo taken by Bob Weaver from the original Polly Pie notice.

Osprey over Norman Bird Sanctuary with a yellow perch. Photo by Bob Weaver

Osprey over Norman Bird Sanctuary with a yellow perch. Photo by Bob Weaver

We have added a few new items to the website. The menu bar above now includes two new links, one for contacting us and one for reporting new nest sites. When reporting new nest sites, just fill out the form, and if we have questions we will contact you. Also, we have updated the Osprey nest site map on the right. We are using a new interactive map program to visualize the nest sites on the web. Either use the smaller map on this page or click the two arrows within the smaller map to expand full screen. Click on any point to see the information on a particular nest site. You can still download the nest sites to Google Earth if you prefer. Please feel free to report on a nest site if you see Ospreys, you do not have to wait until April. If you would like to get involved and monitor a nest, please contact us. Until next time, Happy Birding.

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