End of Year Notes

Greeting Osprey Monitors!

It is December 15th and me and a band of stalwart volunteers are working hard to compile and collate all of the observations you made throughout the summer. How many observations you ask?……. 2,715!! So we have quite a bit if data to review – Thank you very much for working so hard to capture all this wonderful information!!

If you are jonesing for some Osprey images, head over to YouTube to see Dave Winsor’s incredible footage. He has numerous videos, each one better than the last! Sadly the nest he monitors was destroyed in an August storm, but he and the locals are banding together to replace it.  Here is a link showing the 2015 season of the nest he monitored… until the storm took it way.

Marnoch Dr_4.6.15_Brian P.

How you can help us for next year:
If you monitored a nest that really was not there and should be removed from the active monitoring list, please send me an email. Be sure to conclude the name of the nest and a brief description of why it should no longer be actively monitored. We keep all nest sites in the database, but it is good to know which sites are no longer receiving attention from Osprey.


Photo: Allin’s Cove Platform Post Storm.  David Winsor

Osprey Monitor Training:
Training sessions will be held in March of 2016. Exact dates, locations and times will be sent to everyone. If you have some ideas as to what we should cover in the training, please send me a note.

Bit by the bug and want to monitor again in 2016?
In February I will send out a note asking if you will be interested in monitoring again in 2016. So please keep an eye out and be sure to respond!

There is a great story about the following photo coming out in the next Audubon Report and the annual Osprey Monitoring Program report.   Keep your eyes peeled!



Photo: “Lizzie” by Butch Lombardi

From all of us at Audubon Society of Rhode Island, thank you very much for your hard work and dedication this summer, and happy holidays!

White Rock Road in Westerley by Sandra W.

White Rock Road in Westerley by Sandra W.

Jon Scoones
Director of Volunteer Services

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Winding Down

Seems as though most of the Osprey have left RI for the season! Which means you can stop your monitoring as well. (I am receiving a couple of reports of juveniles flying about, but at this point it will be hard to tell which nests they are from. )

As a reminder, this is the time to make sure all of your data has been entered. Please note that the “notes’ section is character limited, which means you have to keep your messages short and sweet! It would be great to have all your data entered by November 1st.

Regarding your hard-copy monitoring sheets, please drop them off at our Bristol or Smithfield locations; or send them in to me. If you used a journal or laptop to record your observations, please hold onto them in case I have to call you to clarify something.

I am in the process of adding the new nests that many of you found. so please hold onto that data until I update this blog that the nests have been entered.

After you input your data, I will go through all the entries in order to determine the status of each nest, and the breeding success of each pair. I look forward to catching up on all of your observations!!!

As always, if you are having trouble with something, please send me a note!

All the best, and many thanks,


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Are Your Observations Done and Entered?

If you have clear observations (positive or not) please be sure to either enter them online or send your hard copies to me. If you are unsure as to the status of your nest(s) please be sure to go out and make a final observation (or two!).

This is when the rubber meets the road, and your clear observations are important so that we have good, solid data.

New Nests: I am behind on adding some new nests, but will get to them after next week. So thank you again for your patience. I will place the new nest list on this blog once they have been updated.

Raptor Weekend: We had a quick sign up by folks to staff the Osprey Monitoring Program table that will be displayed at Raptor Weekend on September 12 and 13. That said, we can still use a lot of volunteer help in other capacities – we need help creating more material for the Osprey Table for guests to look at. And the event is a blast, so please drop me a note if you can volunteer on either day for a morning or afternoon shift!




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Allin’s Cove: Broken Nest Pole Bringing Folks Together

The beginning of the story is sad – Dave Winsor (long time monitor and videographer) from Allin’s Cove worriedly reported that the bountiful nest (regularly producing four fledglings) had been downed in the storm’s microburst that blew through the area on August 4th. I also received notes from Norman Norris and Sandra Wyatt expressing concern and willingness to help repair/replace the pole and nest.

The middle of story gets better: Several of us, including the above as well as Butch Lombardi, Tracy Silvia, Scott Ruhren and others communicate goals and plans and identify unknowns, permitting requirements, etc… as efficiently as any professional project management team! It is left that Butch, who has experience in repairing and installing nests, will meet with the “principals” and discuss options for repairing the nest pole. Meantime Dave reports that 1 adult and 2 juveniles have returned to the area, leaving 1A and 1J MIA. Importantly, it appears that the juveniles are starting to feed themselves.

The end of the story is yet to be written – so stay tuned! Please contact me if you would like to help out in any way. Following are some images provided by Dave Winsor. Be sure to sign up for his feed on YouTube – it is sensational!

Photos of the nest are below: The nest during hurricane Irene; Kristen Fletcher of Wildlife Recovery at the nest a while back before the storm; damage after the storm and adult bringing food to the juveniles post storm.







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RI Opsrey Program Helps Locate NH Bird

Last week I received notes from Osprey Expert Rob Bierregarrd and Ian MacLeod, Director of the Squam Lake Science Center that an Osprey they had tagged (Lizzy) was hanging out in Belcher’s Cove, and could we make sure everything was ok? Well I called one of the program’s go-to people, and monitor for that area, Butch Lombardi. He was able to locate and photograph the bird as it “mooched” around the nests in Belcher’s Cove. Interestingly, Butch had reported seeing what looked like an interloper earlier in the week! All ended well, thanks to Butch! Ed. Note: I am on my way to NH this week and plan to stop by Ian’s Science Center in Squam Lake to say hi from all of us in RI. JonOsprey-Lizzy-IMG_9888-4

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Monitor Visit

I was delighted to receive a visit from Linda and Pedro the other day. Although they have been monitoring Osprey in Pt. Judith Pond for 10 years they just joined our program last year. Linda provided wonderful photos (which I will post later) and we chatted for an hour or so comparing notes and laughs. Feel free to stop by and see me if you are ever in the neighborhood! Jon

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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who is helping monitor those nests that did not have any observations submitted to date. Your extra efforts are greatly appreciated! By the end of the week I should have a better idea of the status of most of the nests that we know about!

Thank you also for you patience as new nests are added, missing nests removed and so on!

And thank you also to everyone who is providing videos and photos for display. Please note that if you subscribe to YouTube you can be alerted when Dave Winsor posts another wonderful Osprey Nest video. These videos are great for folks needed to learn what to look for in terms of coloring, size, behavior, etc..


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Can You Help? We need to check on a few nests.

Hi monitors!
There are a few nests that we do not have status reports on and now is a great time to check on them!
If you are interested in helping by (A) making an initial assessment of a nest location or (B) becoming a monitor of an active nest please contact me by email. I will send you the list of unreported nests to review.
Thank you! Jon jscoones@asri.org

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Another Dave Winsor / Osprey Production!

I was happy to hear from many of you who enjoyed Dave’s videos! So here is his most recent – fresh off the press.


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Osprey Videos

Following are some links to videos taken by one of or own monitors, David Winsor. David has a great set-up with a repeatedly successful nest at the same level as his deck. He does a lot of hard work to edit the videos and make them come out ready for prime time viewing! Sort of like a reality TV show!

The most recent is at the bottom of the list. Well worth watching!


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