Program Update for 2018


Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that I have accepted the position of Refuge Manager at Audubon Rhode Island’s Caratunk Wildlife Refuge, in Seekonk, MA.   (Although the refuge is in Mass.,  Audubon RI owns and manages the property.)

I will still be responsible for management of the RI Osprey Monitoring Program.  Nothing changes on that front, except that I will need more help!

My primary job will be to build community support for this popular wildlife refuge that has not had a manager directly overseeing the property for six years. My transition from statewide Director of Volunteer Services to this new (for me) position will occur over the next several months so that I may assist with volunteer services moving from a statewide program to one that is more locally based.

While I am excited to begin a new chapter with Audubon, I am also saddened that I will no longer be interacting with each of you on a regular basis as I have in the past. I do hope to see many of you at the Caratunk Refuge for Maple Sugaring and other programs.

I have enjoyed working with you all over past five years. Together we have made many improvements to the volunteer program. Your time and efforts have made such a positive impact on Audubon and the public.

Naturally, there will be some changes to the volunteer program in the next couple of months. We are working to make the transition as smooth as possible and appreciate your patience during this time.

I wish you all the best and invite you to stop by Caratunk!


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2018 Osprey Monitor Training Sessions

The goal of the Osprey monitor training sessions is to explain the program’s goals and processes to people interested in becoming an Osprey monitor. The program will  introduce attendees to the program’s training guide and  web page.  During the training session attendees will learn about Osprey, the process of monitoring a nest and reporting the observations.

All new monitors are required to attend one training session. Returning monitors are not required to attend but frequently do as it is a good way to see old friends and catch up on the latest Osprey-related news. If you have already attended a training session and cannot make one of the following dates, be sure to visit the program website to learn about any changes to the program.

2018 Osprey Monitor Training Sessions

March 11 Kettle Pond Visitor Center, 50 Bend Road, Charlestown 2:00 – 4:30

March 18 Audubon Caratunk Wildlife Refuge, 301 Brown Ave, Seekonk, MA 10:00-12:00

March 18 Audubon Headquarters, 12 Sanderson Road, Smithfield, RI 2:00-4:30

March 25 Audubon Education Center, 140 Hope Street, Bristol, RI 2:00-4:30

If you have preliminary questions about the program, please visit  Be sure to follow the link to the Training Guide.

Please RSVP to Jon Scoones at so that we know how many materials to bring to each training session.

White Rock Road in Westerley by Sandra W.


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2017 RI Osprey Monitoring Program Report Is Here!!

I am pleased to announce that the 2017 RI Osprey Monitoring Program Report has been completed! All of the volunteer monitors deserve a big THANK YOU for making this report possible!! To open the report click on the link in the “Osprey Program Reports” section.

I look forward to hearing your comments – please make them directly to me at

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Heads Up – The 2017 Osprey Report is Coming!

The final version of the report is being reviewed and should be ready for posting next week! The number of monitors (110) and hours spent monitoring (1,340) were in line with last year’s numbers. In 2017 volunteers monitored 274 nests (264 in RI and 10 in MA). Of those nests 145 were deemed active, of which 121 were successful. Monitors observed 226 fledglings from the nests in RI and 21 fledglings from the nests in MA, for a total of 247 fledglings.

Stay tuned for the details!!

Jon Scoones

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Videos of RI Osprey – Allin’s Cove in Barrington

Remember the Partridge Family?   Well you can watch “The Osprey Family” as they reunite, love, quarrel, eat and raise a family through a summer season in Barrington, Rhode Island.

This show is courtesy of the one of the smartest Osprey monitors I know: David Winsor. Why is he so smart?  He has set up his video camera inside his house and is able to watch and record the antics of the Allin’s Cove Osprey family without leaving the comfort of his home!

Osprey present – check.   Snacks – check.   Bird ID book – check.  Cold drink – check.  Bunny slippers – check.   Camera rolling – check!

David graciously takes the time to post his videos on YouTube so that we can all follow along.   Just follow the link to the right labeled “Allin’s Cove Video Link” which will take you to YouTube to see all of his videos.  Be sure to click on the red button to subscribe!

Happy Summer !







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Please Enter Your Observations!

Hi everyone!

Thank you again for your time and dedication in observing your nest(s) every week – such diligence is wonderful !    But if you do not enter your observations in a timely manner all of your hard work is for naught!

Barbara Costa (long time volunteer monitor) and I review every single one of your entries at the end of each month and make a determination (nest status, fledglings, etc…)  based on the observations we read.  If your observations are not entered, then we are not making accurate determinations.

Please enter your observations by the end of each month so the determinations are up-to-date, and so that Barbara and I do not have to go back and review them all again!

Thank you again, and keep up the great work!!

Jon Scoones

American Welding, Female Taking Off, June 2014, by Laura Landen



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Osprey Program Makes Public Radio!

Unknown. Please contact Jon Scoones if this is your photo.

Thanks to the hard work of all you dedicated Osprey monitors, Audubon’s RI Osprey Monitoring Program made it to Public Radio last week!

Following is a link to the clip:


I have also placed a link in the Osprey Links section to the right.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!!

Jon Scoones

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Photos by Jim O’Neil

Tough Competition!
Courtesy Jim O’Neil 2017

Hi everyone!

Osprey monitor Jim O’Neil sent me several of his photos taken at nest sites on the east bay.  I have included them as links under “Osprey Links”, identified by the nest name.  I am sorry that I did not have time to compile and label each one, but they are categorized by location.  Most were taken in the April – June time period.

Following are links in case you want to follow Jim and his great photos.  I especially like the series from the Colt State Park Platform Nest showing the competition between Osprey.

Jon Scoones



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Goose in Nest Ellen Champion

Many thanks to monitor Ellen Champion for sharing this photo of a Canada goose “sub-letting an Osprey nest in RI.   This situation has been seen before, but is certainly rare!

Jon Scoones


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2016 Osprey Newsletter (aka Report) Has Been Updated

The Osprey report for 2016 has been updated and is available by clicking on the link under the Osprey Newsletter heading.

This edition features all of the volunteers who participated in the program – or so we think!

Unfortunately the previous version omitted the names of a few volunteers.   Hopefully we have corrected the problem!   If your name is not included, please bring it to my attention at and accept my apology!

Monitors staffing the Osprey table at the Raptor Weekend Festival





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