2019 Nest Assignments Now Available!

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting Audubon Society of Rhode Island’s Osprey Monitoring program. As discussed in the training sessions, we have created the 2019 Nest Assignment table (see link below). The table includes a list of all known nests, their 2018 status, and if any returning monitors will be monitoring them.
If you are interested in monitoring a nest that has an open slot for a monitor, please send an email to jscoones@asri.org. Tip: Be sure to see if the nest is listed as HI (Historic) or NN (No Nest) as that might prove frustrating for you.
Please note that in the case of multiple requests for a monitor slot, we will take requests in the order they are received. If you have already sent Jon a list please do so again now that the table has been released.
Our next step is to enter all the emails into the website so that you may enter your observations into the “submit data” portion of the site.
Thank you for your help with the program, and as always, feel free to email Jon or Jessica with any questions or suggestions!
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The Osprey Are Here!!!

Happy Spring Equinox, everyone!  We have great news- the osprey have arrived along with Spring!!!  Gary spotted his first osprey of the season on the Jamestown bridge, perched atop a street light.  He crossed the bridge multiple times in order to get these great photos.  It is wonderful to see these majestic raptors returning to Rhode Island, and we are hopeful for a healthy and growing population this year.  Soon nest building will commence, and chicks are on the horizon!  Jon is hard at work completing the nest assignments; this bird may be from one of your nests!

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New Facebook Group for Monitors

We have a new Facebook Group just for our Osprey Monitoring Project volunteers!  If you are on Facebook and would like to join the group, please contact Jessica at rhodeislandosprey@gmail.com.

It is a private group page, designed to help us all communicate with each other more easily throughout the season.  You can post photos, videos, news about your nests, and any other fun osprey-related stuff you’d like to share!  It would be a great place to organize support for downed nests too.

Note that we’ll still be posting public updates about the project to our main website (riosprey.info), and you’ll still go to this site to report your data.  We plan to use the Facebook group for more interactive and informal news, and to facilitate communication within the volunteer team.  We hope you’ll enjoy sharing your adventures in the field with everyone!  Thank you all so much!  Looking forward to a great season!

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Two Volunteers to Help Manage the Osprey Program

The administrative side of the Osprey Monitoring program  is fortunate to have help from two volunteers for the 2019 season.   Jessica will be improving the data side of things, as well as some of the social media.   We are still thinking of a cool title for her!

Gary (long-time monitior) has signed on as Program Assistant and will focus on fieldwork, photos and using his creativity to improve the program for monitors.  Gary has already been a strong supporter of the program, covering unreported nests, heading up to the NE Osprey Symposium, and participating at training sessions.

Please join me in thanking Jessica and Gary for their help!





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New Monitors – Nest Assignment Process

Hi new monitors!

Thank you very much for your interest in supporting Audubon’s RI Osprey Monitoring Program.   This program is volunteer-based and would not survive without your support.

If you have not yet attended one of our training sessions, please do so.  Attendance at one session is required to join the program.   A list of the upcoming dates and sites is below.

Since you will be spending 30+ hours this summer observing a nest, many people are very particular about which nest(s) they want to monitor.  We understand that you may be interested in a specific nest or geographic area and will do our best to meet your interest.

Following is an outline of the nest assignment process for 2019:

  1. Returning monitors can “claim” their nest from last year by emailing me by 3/15.
  2. New monitors – please attend one training session (see below for dates and times)
  3. A list of “open” nests will be posted and sent to monitors on 3/18.  The deadline for submission is 3/25.  Please request a nest by emailing Jon at jscoones@asri.org.  First-come basis. Please include “Nest Choice” in the subject line.
  4. Final nest assignments will be circulated by 4/1.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me a note at jscoones@asri.org.

Thank you again!






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Attn. Returning Monitors: Nest Assignments for 2019

Hi Returning Monitors!

Returning Monitotrs, if you monitored a nest in 2018 please send me an email indicating which nest(s) you would like to monitor in 2019 before March 15th.  Be sure to include your name, phone # and email address, as well as the name and town in which the nest is located.   Doing this will reserve you as one of the two monitors for that nest.

On March 18 a list of nests still requiring a monitor will be posted and circulated.  New monitors will be able to choose any of the listed nests on a first-come basis.

March 25 is the deadline for new monitors to submit their nest choices to jscoones@asri.org.  Please put “Nest Choice” in the subject line.

Final nest assignments will be distributed by April 1st.

Please note that in 2019 each nest will have two official monitors of record.  Some nests may have more unofficial monitors.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at jscoones@asri.org

Photo by Luis Mendes

See you on the trails,





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FREE Osprey Monitor Training Sessions for 2019

Hi everyone!

The training sessions for the 2019 season are just around the corner.  We encourage all returning and prospective monitors to attend a session.  Please note that all new monitors are required to attend a session.  Each session covers Osprey natural history, tips for observing Osprey and Audubon’s RI Osprey Monitoring program.

Following is a list of the sessions:

  • Sunday 2/24 Audubon’s Caratunk Wildlife Refuge in Seekonk, MA 1-3:00pm
  • Tuesday 2/26 Audubon’s Nature Center and Aquarium in Bristol, RI  6-8:00pm
  • Sunday 3/3 Audubon’s Powder Mill Ledges Wildlife Refuge in Smithfield, RI 1-3:00pm
  • Sunday 3/10 F&W Kettle Pond Visitor Center in Charelstown, RI 1-3:00pm

Please register at www.asri.org and be sure to bring a pen and paper.  If you are unable to register feel free to stop by at the session nearest you.

I look forward to seeing everyone soon!



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Osprey Luncheon

Hi everyone!

Due to unforseen circumstances the Osprey luncheon scheduled for September 23rd is being?? postponed.?? Once I have a new date I will post it and send out an email.

Thank you for your understanding.



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Thank You!

Thank you to everyone for posting their observations!?? And a special thank you to everyone who pitched in to make observations at the sites listed as unknown following the June tally of observations.?? It is great to see everyone pull together to make those observations!

Please keep them coming!?? ??Several nests remain in the unknown category.?? Freel free to post your observation on the web and send me a note to update me.

If you have not visited “your” nest lately, or posted your observations, now is the time to do so.?? Many of the chicks are flying, meaning it will be dificult to know for sure which nest they came from!

Corrections and reminders – please keep nagging me to update new nests, correct email addresses, updatge the map, etc…?? ??Just send your notes directly to my email address.

Photos – I have received very few photos this year.?? So feel free to send me your choice photos for posting and bragging rights!

And be sure to keep September 23rd clear for the Osprey Party at Caratunk Wildlife Refuge.

Keep up the great work, and thank you all so much for supporting Osprey in RI (and parts of MA!)










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Observation Summary April – June 2018

Hi everyone!

I have posted a link to a table which contains a summary of your observations from April through June of this year.?? ??The link may be found in the Informational Resources section.?? The table also shows the numerous nests for which we do not have any observations (aka unknown).?? As I mentioned in a previous post, if anyone is able to scoot by one of the nests and submit an update via the website it would be great!!

Cheers,?? Jon



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