Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who is helping monitor those nests that did not have any observations submitted to date. Your extra efforts are greatly appreciated! By the end of the week I should have a better idea of the status of most of the nests that we know about!

Thank you also for you patience as new nests are added, missing nests removed and so on!

And thank you also to everyone who is providing videos and photos for display. Please note that if you subscribe to YouTube you can be alerted when Dave Winsor posts another wonderful Osprey Nest video. These videos are great for folks needed to learn what to look for in terms of coloring, size, behavior, etc..


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Can You Help? We need to check on a few nests.

Hi monitors!
There are a few nests that we do not have status reports on and now is a great time to check on them!
If you are interested in helping by (A) making an initial assessment of a nest location or (B) becoming a monitor of an active nest please contact me by email. I will send you the list of unreported nests to review.
Thank you! Jon

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Another Dave Winsor / Osprey Production!

I was happy to hear from many of you who enjoyed Dave’s videos! So here is his most recent – fresh off the press.


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Osprey Videos

Following are some links to videos taken by one of or own monitors, David Winsor. David has a great set-up with a repeatedly successful nest at the same level as his deck. He does a lot of hard work to edit the videos and make them come out ready for prime time viewing! Sort of like a reality TV show!

The most recent is at the bottom of the list. Well worth watching!


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Have You Visited Your Nest Lately?

Just a friendly reminder to be sure to visit your nest every week if possible, and certainly every two weeks. You do not want to miss the sight of fledglings poking their heads up to get a peek at the world around them. Or as on monitor reported, to see a pair defending their nest and eggs from a male interloper!

If there is no nest or no structure present, would you please make this clear when you submit your data to the website. At this point we have over 24 nest sites that need to be updated – so thank you in advance!! Jon Scoones

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New Nests Posted!

Hello monitors!!
Several new nests have been added to the “Submit Data” area of the website, as well as the map on the same site. I know that many of you have submitted new nest sightings to me, so if the one you submitted is not listed, please send me another email. You can do this from the website – just click on the “new nest” tab. Please note that I have not updated the master Google Earth data set, and predict that it will take a while to do this.

Thank you for all your great observations!!

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New Nests

I hope everyone is enjoying their monitoring time as the birds have definitely returned to RI! I am adding the new nest sites that many of you have found and relayed to me. Thank you so much for submitting the information. Please be patient as I sift through all the information that you provided! JS

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Hello Osprey Monitors!
By now many of you have been delighted to see your old (and new) friends returning to their summer homes in Rhode Island. Thank you for the select photos, and please keep them coming!

It seems that the concept of co-monitoring might need a little clarification. Co-monitoring means that both monitors are equal – there is no primary or secondary status. Both monitors are able to, and should, access the website and input data on their assigned nest. Over the years it has become apparent that co-monitoring a site is a benefit to the program. More observations are made, more data is received, and more informed evaluations can be made. In addition, monitors can take a vacation without fear of missing an important behavior or stage in development.

Coordinating with your co-monitor: As a policy, Audubon does not give out contact information for volunteers. If you would like me to pass along your name and email address to your co-monitor, then drop me a line stating so. You may choose to coordinate, or not. Many folks prefer to be able to go out when they want to, at the last minute while some like to ensure full coverage of the nest. We leave that decision to you!

Cheers, and many thanks!! Jon Scoones

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Osprey Monitoring Begins Tomorrow!

Greetings fellow monitors!

First of all, thank you so much for supporting this great program!! Without your efforts it simply would not happen.

I am pleased to announce that all but 9 of the interested monitors that came out this year have been assigned a nest. If you still do not have one please do not fret – I am assigning the final few now and will be in touch tomorrow!

All your assigned monitor usernames have been added to the website so that when you go to submit data you should be able to pop in your username and add your observation information. If you run into a problem please email me before you get frustrated!

Using Google Earth - The best way to view the nest locations is to open Google Earth and then go to the wesite and click on the small blue box beneath the maplet, under the word “Google”. This should send the nest site list to your open Google Earth program. Click back on Google Earth and look on the upper left side for the “features” folder and click on it. A list of the nest should appear. You may have to click on a couple of folders to find it. Once the master nest list appears double click on a nest site and Google Earth should take you to the nest site. Call me if it is not working for you!

If you find problems with your assigned nest (like it is gone) please send me an email so that I can update the database and the map. Since Osprey tend to return to the same spot, they may build a new nest nearby – so it will be important to keep an eye on the area.

Happy monitoring!


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Nest Assignments

Hello monitors!

Osprey are returning and I know that many of you are anxious to lean what nests you will be assigned.

The assignments have been completed and you will be receiving an email from me this Sunday with your assignment(s).

Monitoring begins April 1st – so your access to the “Submit Data” tab on the website will be created early next week!

All the best,


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