Nest Activity Status For May & Request For Help

Happy June Fellow Osprey Monitors!

Thank you again for all your time spent observing Rhode Islands’ Osprey and submitting your data.  I just finished reviewing all of your observations for May and was delighted to see that many of you highlighted milestones, provided suggestions, found new nests and of course, sent along your photos!

During my review of observations unfortunately I noticed that numerous nests were not reported upon during the month of May.   This is an important time to capture the data on the status of the nest and the number of chicks.   There are a couple of solutions for this situation:

1) If you have data from your May observations and have not entered it, please do so now.

2) Please open the document titled “2016 Nest Activity Table_May”.   This document lists all the unreported sites for May, along with directions for finding them.   Your help in visiting and reporting on these sites would be great!!  (The document can be found in the category titled “Osprey Links” on this page).     

If you know that a site is not active, damaged, etc, please make a note of that via the website so that we do not continue to monitor it throughout the season.

Thank you very much for all your hard work!!



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Updated Nest Assignments!


Hi everyone, and thank you so much for all the hours you have put in to date observing the Osprey of Rhode Island!

Following are a few items for your review:

1) An UPDATED Nest assignment list has been posted in the Osprey Links section of this blog.  Please be sure to review the list for accuracy.  I based the monitors’ names and activity status on those entries that have been made-to-date.

2) Wherever you see the word OPEN highlighted in yellow on the Nest Assignment List we are in need of a monitor!  Please feel free to sign-up or nominate a friend ;-) 

3)  If you see that a nest you are monitoring is not showing complete information (such as nest structure, location, directions) please feel free to send that information to me.

4) Please enter your observational data!  You spent valuable time making the observations, so please pass them along!  As you will see on the Updated Nest Assignment list, numerous nests with assigned monitors are missing any observational data.  No need to wait and enter them all at once – please enter your data the same week you make your observation!  Each month we review ALL submissions and enter a monthly status for each nest.   Having your data up-to-date makes this task much easier and accurate!53) New Nests: Thank you for your keen eyes and taking the time to send me the lat/longs and details about the nests you have found.  Now that I have updated the assignment list I will add more of the new nests during this week.

-5) Photos: Thank you and keep them coming, but if you send them as attachments to your emails it is much easier to post them! I will be posting many of the photos you sent later this week.




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White Rock Road in Westerley by Sandra W.

White Rock Road in Westerley by Sandra W.

Hi Osprey Monitors!

The previous posting explains how to access the list of nest assignments.  I know that a few of you will need some changes, so be sure to email me!

I just finished entering all the new monitor’s names and emails into the data submission section of the website.  So you should be able to enter your observations in time for the weekend!   That said, I was not always able to read everyone’s handwriting, so please send me a note if the website system does not let you submit your data.   Remember – your email is your username.   There is no password.

If you have not heard from me, please drop me an email so we can work everything out!

And remember your milestones – thanks!

Hope to see you on the trails, and thank you again for volunteering your time and talents!!



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2016 Nest Assignments

Avondale Female Returns

Avondale Female Returns  – Jennifer France

Hi Osprey Monitor!

Many thanks to all of you who attended our orientation sessions.   Between the three sessions we saw over 140 folks!    That is a great turn-out in support of the program and these magnificent birds. Thank you so much for your patience!

TO FIND YOUR NEST ASSIGNMENT(S) for the 2016 season, (1) please find the Osprey Links section on the right side of this page.   (2) Then find the link titled 2016 Osprey Nest Assignments  and click on the link.  (3) When the document has opened, please review the two  columns labeled Monitor Name A and Monitor Name B for your last name.  (Please note that while the Monitor Name A column is in alphabetical order, the Monitor Name B column is not.)   Be sure to copy down the town name, nest name, and type of nest site you are looking for!

LOCATING YOUR NEST SITE: The first step is to use the maplet on the home page of this site.  Be sure to maximize the size of the map to full page, then zoom in and out.   If, after looking at the map, you are still unsure of the location, please send me an email and I will respond with directions.

WANT TO COVER AN ADDITIONAL NEST?  Most nests that do not have two assigned monitors could use an additional monitor.  In some cases only one monitor is allowed at the site.  If you are interested in picking up a site that needs a monitor, please email me the particulars!

QUESTIONS:  I know that many of you will have questions, want to change your nest location or even take on an additional location.  And some of you will identify a mistake or two that I have made…..  Please send me an email with your questions so that I may have time to review your question and respond accordingly!

Thank you all very much, and I look forward to hearing from you!!

Cheers – Jon


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All Monitors – New Data to Capture

Hello monitors!

This year we are asking everyone to try to capture some additional information so that our data may be better aligned with the data from Massachusetts and Connecticut.

It does not require any additional time on your part – just calling attention to these specific activities in your notes!  The information can be added in the notes section when you submit your data.

  1. Date adult male first observed at nest
  2. Date adult female first observed at nest
  3. Date incubation behavior first observed
  4. Date first chick observed
  5. Date nest clear

Thank you very much!



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Returning Monitors – ACTION Item

Hi everyone!

If you have not done so already, please send me the following information.  If you do not send the information to me before March 25th I cannot promise that you will be assigned the nest(s) that you want to monitor!

  • Your Name
  • Your Email Address
  • The name of the nests that you want to monitor in 2016. (Please do NOT state “same as last year.”)  Be sure to use the same name as on the website.
  • If you will not be monitoring in 2016 please tell me.

Thank you!   JS


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Smithfield Osprey Monitors Turn Out Despite “Storm”!

Many thanks to the 30 folks who attended the Osprey Monitoring Orientation this Sunday at Audubon’s headquarters in Smithfield.  These people showed their dedication as they braved the huge, debilitating, oncoming storm!   We had a great meeting and reviewed the program in detail.  The make-up was about 50/50 – half were returning monitors, the other half new monitors.

I have started to assign nests, and will continue to do so over the next two weeks.  If you have any questions please contact me at

someone forgot their REI water bottle – it is here if you want to claim it!

See you on the trails!   JS


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New Monitors

To make sure you are on the volunteer list contact Jon Scoones at   This will give you access to submit your observations (aka data), make your nest location request, as well as possibly being assigned an active nest site.

Thank you!


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2016 Osprey Monitoring Orientations Are Underway!

Osprey feeding!

We had a great turnout of 60 people at the orientation session in Bristol last Sunday.  It was great to see familiar faces, as well as new faces.  By my rough estimate we had about a 60/40 split of returning to new folks.  That is great news for the program!


Butch Lombardi joined me (again) this year, adding color commentary and bringing to life the role of the monitor.  It was wonderful hearing his tale of Lizzie, despite the sad ending.

As mentioned at the meeting, I am in the process of assigning nests, so to all returning monitors, by Easter I really need to know which nests you will be covering in 2016.  After Easter the nest sites will be up for grabs, so to speak!  Please send me an email clearly listing the nest sites you want to continue monitoring.  Please do not say “the same as last year”.  Thank you!

To all new monitors – Thank you for coming aboard!  Please be patient as we work through the annual nest assignment process.  You can use the time to become acquainted with the program’s website, research Osprey behavior,  and talking your spouse into that spotting scope you have had your eye on!

What to Expect:

  • Osprey begin returning over the next couple of weeks.
  • For the next two weeks I will be conducting training sessions and gathering nest assignment information.
  • Following Easter I will  be contacting monitors to finalize nest assignments.  I plan to have every nest assigned by April 8th.
  • In mid-April I will reach out to monitors in order to update the physical status of each nest site.
  • May 1st I will send out a questionnaire about the Osprey activity at each site.  This will be repeated on the first day of each month through August.

What You Can Do:

  • Once you have been assigned a nest, please check on the physical status of the site and report its condition back to me via email.
  • Find the best vantage point(s) for viewing your nest before the leaves get in the way of your observations.  Determine how close you can get to the nest without disturbing the Osprey.
  • Be on the lookout for new nests.  Before submitting new nest check the map on the website to see if it is already listed.
  • Become familiar with the website and submitting data.  Feel free to enter test data – just make it clear what is a test!
  • Record the date that the AM and AF (adult male and adult female) arrive at the nest, as well as any interesting nest building behavior.

If you missed the orientation session at Bristol, additional sessions are being held on the following dates.  Both sessions will be from 2:00 – 4:00pm.

  • March 20 at 12 Sanderson Road in Smithfield
  • April 3 at Fish and Game’s Kettle Pond Visitor Center in Charlestown

Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing you on the trails.


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Nest Platform Status – Drop Me a Line!

Once you are assigned a nest for the 2016 season, would you please drop me a note stating the status of the nest platform(s)?


It is important that we update the status of each site we have listed in the database so that we do not assign monitors to nests that do not exist, and that we can note whether repairs should be made, etc..

When you send me a note please be sure to include the following information:

  1. Nest Site Name
  2. Nest Site Location
  3. Your Name
  4. The condition of the platform and supporting structure.  Please be brief and include responses to the following:
    1. Is a platform present?
    2. What is the extent of the damage?  Simple or extensive.  You do not need to go into detail.  A few Pictures will help here.
    3. Are you willing to make the repairs?
  5. Include a few pictures
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